Tuesday, January 29, 2013


...When I draw, I notice that the expressions they receive are based on two things ; my mood that day and the type of music I have blaring in the background.  Obviously this day was one of those "fun" mother days, and the music I chose clearly had an influence as well :)  What I find even more interesting is that the music I choose to hear when I work is nothing like the music I listen to when hanging out.  I consider myself to be somewhat cultured in the music sense, but gawk at what actually helps me be productive. In art school I was an avid fan of Blur, Paris Combo and Squirrel Nut Zippers....yet when I worked, the only music that kept me up to the wee hours of the night was Brittany Spears. What? I know...can't believe I am even admitting it, and I have no understanding as to why that's the case.  Anyone else have a similar story?

..What music motivates you? (and thankfully Spears has not been part of the cycle as of late.)

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