Wednesday, February 29, 2012

painting jitters.... I get ready and prep the canvas for this " I'm awesome" oil painting, I find myself having
insane jitters.

..dusting off the boxes of oil painting supplies, I realized just how long it has been since I sat down and did an oil painting. For 8 years, my life consisted of 70 hours a week devoted to painting. And then the kids came, causing my painting career to take a sudden backseat to days spent chasing two little ones around the house all day. Ten years later, I find myself nervous as he** as I ready the canvas for this new piece.

...wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

final sketch before painting

(click on image to get larger view)

here's the final sketch before I start making the final. I have yet to decide, medium-wise, how to make this yet as I keep going back and forth between painting and sewing the piece. Perhaps a combination of both shall do?

here's the dialogue in case you can't read it:

(while mummy dances to music) child: "i'm so good at that. i"m awesome. i'm the best at it"
mum: "it's always best to give someone a compliment before you talk about yourself"
child: "you did a great job giving birth to someone so awesome"

any "confident" children in your family? (I was clearly one..and an annoying one at that. I always had the same exact dream as the popular kid in school, although mine always had "extra stuff in it". To think I actually thought they'd buy that.)

i'm awesome

..the beginning sketches of a dialogue I am sure many of you have participated in with your child.

...these are sketches for what will become a series of paintings. Stay tuned for postings of the
continuing dialogue!

Monday, February 27, 2012

aspie tip #1

...I know it may not apply to all of you out there, but in this house apple juice is just askin' for some hair-pulling frustration. (and being that I can fit all of my hair into a 6 year old's hair clip illustrates how precious each strand of hair I have left on my head is). When I had the fantastic "aha!" moment of using a juicer to hide many a resisted vegetable, I was met with a couple weeks of insane emotional madness. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on, and had to look hard at what I had done differently in those two weeks to notice such a difference. Then it hit me....that big white piece of plastic on the counter was the culprit. (and an expensive one at that...and knowing me, I had already thrown out the packaging and receipt). Instead of getting just 1 apple here or there, he was getting at least 2 whole apples in just one glass of juice.

...I backed away, and the calmness returned. God know why I tried it again, but I did. And the madness returned. It took me back,to be quite honest, and part of me was shouting to myself, "are you kidding me? We are already eliminating the gluten, dairy, and soy. And now fruit too?"
After putsing around the computer a bit, I eventually learned about salicylates, which are chemicals that occur naturally in many plants, including many fruits vegetables, and herbs. They can be bothersome with a lot of kids on the spectrum, and it just so happens that we fall into that category too. great.

...After a few days of freaking out, I calmed down and took a step back. I will openly admit that I am not in the mood to eliminate more food, being that my son is at the age where it would just be too hard to take away more. If I could just pinpoint a couple of the big ones, then I wouldn't worry so much about the others.

...So, where did we end up? Well, we have eliminated apple juice (although he can handle a juice box every now and then..which allows him to at least join in a bit more with others at school parties), and he is fine eating golden delicious apples. He doesn't like fruit much anyway, so it was easy to eliminate many high salicylate foods and keep to pears, yellow apples, pomegranates, and apples. (which he only eats two of those anyway). We try to avoid as much as possible high salicylate fruits such as raisins, strawberries, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, and oranges, while also limiting our known problematic apples. If you are interested in a complete list of fruits and veggies, you can find them here.

...Amidst all of the good changes we were seeing from the elimination of fruit, I also had to be realistic. There was no way I was going to be able to eliminate all of the high salicylate foods, as we would be left with nothing for him to eat. The fruit is the big culprit for us, and I am happy just sticking to that. Do I make adjustments when I can to substitute certain veggies when cooking? yes. but I don't freak out about it. And I also know that there are going to be times with friends where he will grab a piece of fruit on the no-no list, and we may have a couple of rough days to follow. It's hard enough to arrive at the party with your own stash of gluten/dairy free goodies, so allowing him that opportunity to have some of the things on the table is worth it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hand in Hand Promo

...look whose little hands sport the cover! ( the older brother was a bit envious..and by a "bit", I mean overwhelmingly jealous) I am excited to share with you an upcoming book ,entitled Hand in Hand by Jenny Doh, that I was honoured to participate in. I am in the company of such creative people, and cannot wait to take a peek inside.

The other participating artists/mothers are: Amanda Soule, Maya Donenfeld, Ali Edwards, Pam Garrison, Nicole Spring, Abby Glassenberg, Dana Willard, Samantha Cotterill,
Cindy Hopper, Jessica Okui, Carly Schwerdt, Jackie Boucher,
Merrilee Liddiard, Jhoanna Monte Aranez, Jean Van't Hul,
Kristin Zecchinelli, Ella Pedersen, Beki Lambert, and Rachel Faucett.

..Happy creating!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

too salty

too salty, originally uploaded by mummysam.

Regardless of autsim, I am sure there are many of you out there who share in the struggles of picky little eaters....

From many days of stress and worry, I have finally learned to let go and not panic too much about my son getting enough nutrients. (It was starting to take over and become all too consuming. When I started panicking from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning about what the heck I was going to make for dinner that he would eat, I knew it was time to step back and breathe)

We have figured out a rhythm, and I have become more relaxed in my approach to feeding...

Now I can use those mornings to panic about something else.

Monday, February 6, 2012

who knew you could get croup at 8 1/2?

...who knew that one could still get croup at 8 1/2? I found that out last week, as I relived those fun days when the boys were younger and coughed incessantly for what seemed like days on end. It was a long week, and as luck would have it, came right as I was getting back into the swing of things art-wise.

..Today was my first day with both boys in school since last Monday, and I cannot tell you how much I needed this time to myself! I managed to work on this little number, which will be part of something much bigger. (sorry....mum's the word...)'s wishing you out there a healthy Monday :)