Friday, June 8, 2012

gossiping ladies... did these gossiping ladies come about, you ask? (alright, even if you didn't ask, I am going to tell you.) 
Step One: sketch a little in bed and come up with these two sisters. I wonder what they could be chatting about?

 Step Two: Scan these two lovely sisters and start playing around with their placement. Notice a pattern forming in the negative space? Definitely want to try working around those negative spaces.

 Step Three: Come up with a good colour combination that would fit these fashionable girls, and do a final check by creating a large repeat.  Go grab a cup of coffee and come back to take another look.  Perfect!
Step Four: Listen really hard and try to figure out what they are talking about!


patricia cotterill said...

Oh my! It is perfect. They look like they are on the Rue de la gossip!or is that gosseeep?

thea said...

oh my, gorgeous and so very true! :)



grrl + dog said...

you make it sound so easy.. but I think you hit it on the had with the negative space thing.