Wednesday, April 25, 2012

too mushy...'s the third image in my series of illustration about those picky little eaters we love. I realized that a lot of my work (o.k, maybe all of my work) showcases boys.  I guess that's expected, having two very active boys running rampant through this house every moment they can.  So, I am braking the mold and adding a little feminine touch to the series. 



gasilhane said...

These picky little eaters are been repinning and reblogging like crazy in Pinterest and Tumblr. People love them. I also love them and I think it's a perfect idea for a book.

-Sorry for bad english, still learning. Love u!!-

mummysam said...

oh really? I had no idea! thank you for telling me....and the english was perfect :)

thank you!

Caren said...

I love your artistry, and that it is so personal. If you're looking for some examples of what life is like on the "girly side of autism", may I suggest
which is a site written by my sister (a mother of girls with autism).
I laugh at your pictures - they are so much like my son (if the world were run according to him, hot food would be banished, as would lumpy food, anything with sauce...). Thanks for sharing your work!!!

thea said...

Love this! Miss you. Excited you went to Martha. Did you get a feature on the show? I was unable to watch it.

mummysam said...

Hi Caren,
thank you and I am off to check it out now! thank you :) (glad you can connect with these illos....would probably take me a year to get all of the "specific" ick factors of his food drawn!)

hey thea my dear...perhaps my hair should have been combed a bit? no camera found it's way to my head :(, but at least I am featured on her site....messy hair and all.