Tuesday, April 3, 2012

there's a piece missing!

...raising a child on the spectrum means that there will be moments where you feel like most of your energy is being spent on him.  Things happen, and in order to reset the balance, you find yourself heavily immersed into doing what's necessary to bring the family back into a good place. You sit back, and feel a sense of guilt that you weren't able to give the sibling as much time and attention. You change direction and give his sibling some undivided love and quality time.  The other one notices...and he's jealous.
..he doesn't see how much "pie" he just got. He just notices that there is a piece missing.
 (I think this piece also fits perfectly with that mindset of not liking things "incomplete", don't you?)

...just know that there will be times where a phase of "unbalance" is necessary to bring that balance back. It's o.k.  In the end it's good for everyone involved, and when you do get a good moment to breathe, take that time and enjoy it to the fullest.


handstories said...

more good validating stuff here. i worry so much about older "easier" brother, what he is taking in from all of this, how he will look back on it? more thanks.

mummysam said...

again, so glad to help...my situation is the other way around. He honestly doesn't know any different, and understood his needs well before we even thought he would be able to grasp it. This is all new to me as well...we shall see as we go :)