Friday, March 9, 2012

the beauty is in the order

cars fabric design, originally uploaded by mummysam.

This new textile design is based on my son's daily interest in lining things up when he was younger. When he was two years old, daily trips were made to the local tennis court where he would spend a good couple hours lining all his animals along the outlines of the court. We used to always time it as the sun was coming overhead, in order to watch the changing shadows of each animal. Once home, the animals would be replaced by Thomas the Train engines and his box of cars, and the lining up activity would resume.

Looking back at his childhood almost 9 years later, I see all of the "red flags" that I was completely oblivious to back then. Little did I know what this indicated....I just saw it as something beautiful to look at....and I still think it is, don't you?


Tanpopo said...

That's a super cool design !

mummysam said...

thank you!

Penny said...

I do, I honestly do! What I love most, however, is your ability to interpret your son's and your own journey as art. It is a beautiful, reassuring thing.

I have been an admirer of your fabrics on Spoonflower for sometime, and have only just discovered your blog to realise that you are one and the same! Your designs have just taken on a whole new dimension.