Monday, February 6, 2012

who knew you could get croup at 8 1/2?

...who knew that one could still get croup at 8 1/2? I found that out last week, as I relived those fun days when the boys were younger and coughed incessantly for what seemed like days on end. It was a long week, and as luck would have it, came right as I was getting back into the swing of things art-wise.

..Today was my first day with both boys in school since last Monday, and I cannot tell you how much I needed this time to myself! I managed to work on this little number, which will be part of something much bigger. (sorry....mum's the word...)'s wishing you out there a healthy Monday :)


thea said...

I am so excited about the direction you are going. Hope you have healthy boys from here on out! Xo

mummysam said...

Hey my love!!!! coffee soon?