Friday, February 24, 2012

Hand in Hand Promo

...look whose little hands sport the cover! ( the older brother was a bit envious..and by a "bit", I mean overwhelmingly jealous) I am excited to share with you an upcoming book ,entitled Hand in Hand by Jenny Doh, that I was honoured to participate in. I am in the company of such creative people, and cannot wait to take a peek inside.

The other participating artists/mothers are: Amanda Soule, Maya Donenfeld, Ali Edwards, Pam Garrison, Nicole Spring, Abby Glassenberg, Dana Willard, Samantha Cotterill,
Cindy Hopper, Jessica Okui, Carly Schwerdt, Jackie Boucher,
Merrilee Liddiard, Jhoanna Monte Aranez, Jean Van't Hul,
Kristin Zecchinelli, Ella Pedersen, Beki Lambert, and Rachel Faucett.

..Happy creating!