Tuesday, January 10, 2012

another upcoming textile

..another quick sketch for an upcoming textile piece. This idea came about after a recent
observation on a typical playdate. All three boys (my two, plus a friend) were playing an imaginary game of treasure discovery. As I sat in the kitchen enjoying a quick cup of coffee, I started to hear the cries of a frustrated little soul. While the other two were able to completely immerse themselves in an imaginary world of fighting villains, he began to struggle. He could not see what they were looking at, and could not understand why they kept pointing to "precious gold jewels" that didn't actually exist. As I listened to his pleas for them to show him what they were looking at, my heart couldn't help but ache when I realized just how hard it was for him to play along.

...Thankfully they asked him to build some shields....something concrete that he could touch and see. His excitement returned as he poured all of his energy into making them perfect. Imagination took over, and before you know it he managed to build something that excited the other boys tremendously.

...His imagination is incredible. It just shows in a different way.


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Thank you Cary...good to hear from you! (I know I was MIA for such a long long time...)