Monday, May 23, 2011

...for the birds...

...a bird watching corner for the boys... least I thought I was doing it for both boys, until the reaction from little M
came out.

"mummy...let's build a screech owl house. Then he will swoop down to the feeders and eat all of the other birds up"

...Three seconds later, he was rushing to the window (excitedly) to see our first bird visit
the feeder we had placed out back. Clearly his previous statement was said solely to get under his
big brother's skin. (and it worked. too well) turns out the table is for both boys.

...although we are still being assured (whenever the big brother is within earshot) that little M only uses it to look for that screech owl...

Friday, May 20, 2011

halloween and communion together?

...the marriage of halloween and communion.
...that's what happens when you completely forget about the second child until fifteen minutes before heading to your eldest son's communion service. After an exhaustive week of trying to find an emsemble with a thumb's up approval, I completely forgot about his little brother until it was too late. Of course he would want to dress up once he saw his brother all nice and spiffy. Of course he would insist on a shirt and tie as well. And shoes? Of course. Those need to be dressy as well.

...Thank goodness I had brought home two pairs of shoes for big A to try on. Sure, they were two sizes too large for little M, and if any attempt was made to go up stairs they would immediately fall off. He looked like he had skis for feet, but at least little M thought he looked cool. The shirt was found in a plastic bag of saved clothes from our ten year old neighbour, and the pants just barely stayed on. (thanks to the extra yards of fabric from the shirt that were tucked in)

...yes. it was definitely a sight for sore eyes, but he thought he looked as cool as his brother and Dad. And in the end, that's what I couldn't stop smiling at the guy every time I glanced over. It felt like one of those perfect visuals from a Ramona Quimby book, and one that makes childhood memories so much fun. (for now, at least!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I need some wellies....

...I have come to terms with the fact that my studio will never look like those lovely
ones featured in design literature. I am a "wannabe" cool studio owner, but the fact of the matter is that I am messy. I may start off with perfectly organized storage bins, but give me a week of hard work, and those bins soon become a mixed blend of everything that was once so neatly separated. Yes, I probably spend way too much time looking for tools that have been put down in a spot "I won't forget", but in the end I work much better that way. Everything gets emptied out, which in turn allows for more free-flowing thoughts as I work.

...And if that's not enough, I am blessed with a lovely room that floods every time the rain comes down. (which has been a lot lately....)'s that for an inspiring space?

Monday, May 2, 2011

and the winner is...

and the winner is...

handstories! when asked where you like to create, handstories wrote :

"end of the couch, meetings, camping, anywhere there's peace...lately it's knitting with 3rd graders (not so peaceful, but lots of fun!)"

congratulations, and make sure to e-mail so that Lark Crafts can get this lovely package on it's way!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your favourite spots...I loved reading everyone, and have been introduced to some new places to create myself!