Thursday, September 8, 2011

scratch that... for a more realistic portrayal of daily lunches. Instead of just leaving you with the seemingly perfect "before" picture, I thought it may be realistic to give you the more important "after" picture as well.

...if any of you have a child with sensory issues, you probably understand the unpredictability with their ever changing taste buds. Sure, there are fixed issues that one can apply to all meals (for example, anything with a "mush" to it gets a wonderful gag reaction...), but there are also the foods that unexpectedly get rejected and banned from any future meals. (and of course it always happens to be the one staple food you can count on), here is my response from yesterday's lunch

mum: "how was lunch?"

child: "good"

child, 2 seconds later: "except for the apple slices. They were too mushy. The corn was way mushy. "

mum: "alright, well thanks for giving everything a try. At least you were able to eat the remainder of your lunch."

child: "oh...and I didn't eat the snap peas. (his favourite food of the past year).
I don't eat snap peas anymore"

"...but the toothpicks were fun"...


Elma said...

Kids:) at least they told you the truth!!!!:)

Caren said...

I've got one of those, too. Good thing he's a COLD lover (ie - he ONLY eats cold foods) or I'd have to put all of his food in a thermos/hot pack!!!

tangled sky studio said...

love it : )
glad to have you back friend!

leah said...

i am so glad that you are back in the blog. i have missed your humor my friend! i look forward to hearing about your summer adventures and projects. and of these days, let's get together.

mummysam said...

thanks everyone!!! and yes is good to be back :) (although it may take a bit to get back into the rhythm!)