Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the best gluten/dairy/soy free cookies ever...

:: finding a perfect gluten/dairy/ soy free cookie can be a bit challenging, especially when you are trying to get a reluctant 8 year old on board with his new diet. Finding good substitutions for food that he loved so much pre-diet was a must, and since discovering my own intolerances to gluten and dairy, I was desperate to find that perfect chocolate chip cookie. Sure, I was a supportive mum who kept cheering on the eight year old with such lines as "we will be just fine without gluten and dairy....soon you won't even know the difference" (of course I said this knowing that after he went to bed I was going to raid my hidden stash of chocolate and bread like a mad woman...because "god forbid" I make it a whole day without that stuff. I went on the diet with him to help him adjust easier...little did I know that I would soon discover my own need to eliminate that food from my diet as well)

:: so here it is. the perfect cookie. and it is good.

::who needs gluten, dairy, and soy anyway? ( I have to admit I am still struggling a bit. It's one thing to put your child on it, and then another to stop yourself from eating it as well. Especially when you are out with your friends and that pre-dinner basket of fresh, hot bread comes out. Nibbling on your own back of gluten free crackers doesn't quite cut it...)


jeanine said...

You've probably already seen this, but this is a cooking blog---gluten and dairy free, I believe--- that I found. She makes it look awfully good!!

mummysam said...

thanks jeanine! I will have to look into that one. So far my favourite site has been
I don't think I have made anything yet I don't love