Wednesday, September 14, 2011

another reason to love Parenthood...

:: I didn't think Parenthood could get any better, until I saw it.

:: It took a few rewinds to make sure I really did see what I thought I had, and after a few moments of going absolutely ballistic, I calmed down enough to snap a photo of this perfect sight.

:: Mum, your painting looks so incredible, and I still can't get over the fact that you are on t.v.
I am so truly proud of you. (and the "wee" bit of jealousy only lasted for a bit ...)

I know there is a second one of her pieces on set, so if anyone sees a small painting of chopped apples please let me know! ( and yes...I am taping every show. I have to watch each episode twice.. once to look for her paintings, and the second to actually watch the show.)

:: alright, off to rewind it again and stare at it some more...

update: just found out from my mum that she has a third pig painting on set as well. O.k. My jealousy just went up a big notch.


patricia cotterill said...

Why thank you Sam. I screamed and made Maureen jump when I saw it!
I watched it without knowing what the story was about so intent was I to find my three paintings. What fun.

marchi said...

this is great!! so much talent you have in your family!

Linda said...

That's soooo exciting! I sent in a baby quilt I made to Guiding Light one year....when Blake and Ross had twins. Jerry Ver Dorn got it on the set. It was in two episodes. I was so excited! In one episode, he folded it in his lap!!! woo hoo!