Thursday, June 9, 2011

where on earth have I been?

(little M (on left) at his last school event before his "graduation" next week from Montessori...)

where in the world is mummysam? (or where has she disappeared to for the last couple of months or so?)

here's a quick overview:

:: working on an exciting project that seems to have taken me away from this blog world of mine, but will be over in just a couple of weeks. I promise to surface soon. (although summer vacation is rapidly upon us, and I have to be realistic in how much work will actually get done during that time! I am desperate for a couple of months of complete "laziness".)

:: putting the phone in the refrigerator, and taking half the day trying to figure out where the ringing was coming from.

:: wracking my brain to come up with "exciting" new foods as we venture into a world of no gluten, casein, or dairy. (yes..this one has taken a big adjustment, but the results have been nothing short of miraculous. more on that later)

:: putting the phone on the top of the swing set and leaving it in the rain.

:: getting lazier and lazier when it comes to making school lunches every morning. I'm officially done.

::putting the phone on top of my car, and remembering where I put it after making it to little M's school (thankfully it was still there)

:: getting ourselves ready for a new addition coming very soon from an amazing organization...

:: being given a repeated suggestion that I should probably put the phone back on the charger when I am done.

where in the world have you been?


Klay said...

I have been missing you but I totally get being drawn away. You mentioned going GF and I know there are a ton of resources out there now (20 years ago, when I went GF there wasn't) but one of my all time favorites is the - she's amazing and doesn't just do the traditional GF. She has quite a long list of restrictions too. Good Luck!!!

mummysam said...

thanks Klay! I have just discovered that site and love it....she just puts this pathetic gfcfsf cook to shame!

Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, how I missed you--but I can't wait to here more about all that's been going on in your life, my dear.

Petra said...

Shouldn't your question have been: and were has your phone been? So funny to read... Mine was in an empty box after a bathroom conversion. The plumber saved it.

tangled sky studio said...

missing your posts but so happy to hear about your positive changes and and excited to meet your new addition. i'm busy wrapping up school x 3 and keeping 4 baby chicks happy and healthy : )

Marchi Wierson said...

as to the gluten free thing, one of my fav food blogs has a gluten free category. Its called la tartine gourmande. enjoy!

mummysam said...

thank you all my dears!
and Marchi...that site is so beautiful to look at. I would even visit it solely for the photography!

Michele said...

Too funny. I'm one for losing my phone, too. It eems to come up missing when I have it silenced.

- Michele

Anonymous said...

You make me smile! :) Natalie

Cara Carmina said...

I´ve been working a lot, trying to balance my working time with quality time for myself and my family... oh oh oh so I´m so excited about the new addition to the family!!! I´m guessing the little ones are ging to be soooo happy!!!! and I´m happy to come back to your blog and see some news again! I was missing you too!!!! Happy Fall for you and good luck making lunches... Oh my, that looks like a lot of work with all the gluten free etc... but sounds like you are getting to be a pro! :D big yellow hugs my dear!!!! :D