Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mondays are for wristbands...

...thought I would attempt watercolour this morning

... a little documentation of the extremely "varied" wardrobe my son has.

...I swear any day child protection services will come knocking at the door...this kid literally wears only 2 different pants and 2 different shirts for school.

...except of course for that flashy red wristband for gym on Mondays.

...that's my risk-taker :)


Paloma said...

I love your post, it makes me smile. The title... I didn't get it at first, and the watercolor: simply lovely.

mummysam said...

thanks Paloma!

Vivika said...

Don't worry... my son had five white turtle neck shirts in preschool, and wore a clean one every day. His teacher eventually asked me if he had any other clothes... and if he ate anything other than peanutbutter sandwiches. He is now a strapping 20 year old with a varried diet and great taste in clothes!

Caren said...

I know exactly what you mean - it makes things sooooo much easier to find one shirt that works and buy a bunch of them, especially if they have a bit of "quirkiness" (no buttons, has to be orange, no zippers, no lace, nothing too tight, nothing too long or short, not *that* material, etc.) Can you tell I've been shopping with an autistic relative lately? :)

Anonymous said...

and if it helps a bit -
lots of kids wear the same
favorite clothes over and
over every week

mummysam said...

thanks for all of your comments!
(oh how thankful that the younger sibling will put on whatever I give cares in the world, which makes getting ready for school in the morning that much easier!)

Vivika...good to know this limited palette and taste in clothes may increase a bit down the road (although I have had peanut butter with honey on toast every morning for 5 years now...hmmm)

and Caren..I completely understand.
Our preferences are anything shiny (can you hear the sigh?), no buttons, zippers, and no labels. If there are labels, it has to be the kind I can cut off. The labels printed directly onto the clothing get too itchy after a few times wearing it)

the younger sibling....he just likes that he's not naked.

The Exton Gardener said...

Although the wearing of school uniforms is not compulsory in Tasmanian public schools, our local school's uniform variations are so comfortable and desirable for the children that nearly all of them choose to wear it! I guess your son feels comfortable and secure in his own choice of uniform!

Anonymous said...

Your work is so well done.
Thank you for sharing it along
with the feelings that come
with being a mother.
I thought of you today in the
grocery store as I tried to plan
a variety of lunches for my child who rarely wants the same thing twice in a month. Sometimes I wish she would eat PBJ every day. Isn't that funny how we can think of someone we only know through a Blog...

mummysam said...

thanks again...and exton gardener...what a lovely way to think of it!

and to anonymous...I found myself doing the same thing about fellow bloggers :) (and also finding myself where you are planning wise with lunches...although I keep telling my eldest son that if he wants more variety in his meals(which is constantly requested by him), I need a little more to work with than three meals that he actually likes... thanks for the note!

Event Wristbands said...

Haha, this is so strange, my son's exactly the same, there are literally two outfits that he's crazy about and no matter how hard I try he won't wear anything else. I'm hoping one day he'll snap out of it, btw great work with the watercolors.