Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a jar to collect things....

hand built stoneware jar with paper clay houses, thread, and wax. Wall hanging piece

...there is something about a collection of objects that I find aesthetically wonderful. Whether you are a young child excitedly sifting through an odd assortment of bits and bobs from a shoe box that sits hidden under your bed, or an adult proudly displaying years worth of collecting in a favourite hutch for all to see, the tactile sensation that results from feeling those pieces results in am emotional connection that drives you to collect more.

...there are all types of collectors out there, with different passions for different objects. My tendency to shy away from clutter when it comes to furnishing my home is contrasted heavily by my desire to fill up my studio with drawers of old letter types, found pulleys, vintage stamp blocks, etc.

..the wonderment that comes from both boys when they open up their little boxes full of found objects is so fun to watch, and you can see the joy they feel when they pull each object out and carefully lay it out on the floor before the commencement of trading with each other.

..we all love to collect, don't you?


Jenny said...

Love this! Yes I am and have always been a collector. As a kid I collected garbage pail kids, gumball machine toys, rocks, stickers, and they all went in my shoe box, that I traded with my neighbor friends.
Now I am a japanese miniature collector. I love to collect.
So I really never grew up. I think its better that way.
I think I still need that child like part of me.
Love your piece, its beautiful!

mummysam said...

Hi fellow garbage pail kid collector! (my mum thankfully saved my book with those in there....memories :) )
thanks for sharing, and good to hear from another fan of random objects :)

The Exton Gardener said...

It must be a very basic human urge in us to collect things that appeal, trade them and display our treasures. I know the display part is part-boasting, "Look what I've got!" but I know that when I have a collection of something displayed, it continues to give me the greatest pleasure of the deepest level just to see it there!

I love these little containers you've created for your boys. It makes the treasures within so much more precious!

Leila said...

That's lovely and all so true! I do love to collect too, of course. Especially buttons. They're just so small, how could I resist?

mummysam said...

yes...collecting is a part of me too. and buttons? who can resist those?