Monday, February 14, 2011

special shop sale today and tomorrow! mum is here for just a few more days, but the time we have had so far has been filled with a lot of quality time together and plenty of cups of tea. With the weather bringing a much needed sanity break ,warmth-wise (it has reached past 50 today!), I thought it would be fun to offer a little special out there to all of my followers.

...enter the code MUMMYSAM15 in my shop Monday and Tuesday, and receive 15% off your entire order.
(you must enter the code, otherwise discount doesn't apply...)
That should put a little "spring" in your step, no? Offer ends Tuesday...have fun!
(psst....tell your friends too....)


Lacey said...

I'm excited to get your book with my subscription to Living Crafts!

Leila said...

RATS! I've gotten behind on my blog reading and this is what I get! I'm going to go play with my Mr. Fox fabrci to console myself. Enjoy the nice weather! (We've still not had any even marginally warmish weather here in the Catskills -- you're not that far from here, are you? Strange).