Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy holidays from a cheeky little monkey...

...with a five year old having a tough time "behaving" lately, this mum was driven to the need of making a serious warning. If the behavior did not change, then mummy was required by the elves to send in a report. That moment came sooner than mum expected, and the result was a very upset little boy who thought mummy was the one in need of the warning.

...after hiding under the dining room table and doing something very "cheeky" looking, little m approached dad with the sealed envelope.

little m: "dad, could you please put this in the mailbox?"

dad: "is it a nice letter?"

little m: "yep"

dad:" is it about mum?"

little m : "nope...and you don't need to open it. It's closed. Just put in the mailbox, okay? " in the mailbox it was placed, and mum sent little m to school. Upon returning, mum and dad carefully opened the super-sealed shut letter.

... he clearly was not happy with mum that morning, and it wasn't too long before the guilt got the best of him and a confession was made on the way home from school ( "mom, I wrote a really really bad word today") and mum had a good chuckle in the morning, and little m felt better after finding out the elves were proud of him for being honest.

... and there you have it. Our cheeky little way of leaving you all for a moment as we celebrate the holidays. See you next week!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winner announced!

congratulations Monda-Loves! You are the winner of this lovely package!!!
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thank you so much to all of you who have entered, and how wonderful to meet so many new people! The response was overwhelming.....thank you!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I was the one not quite ready....

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...I was the reluctant one. Ever since I first laid eyes on the movie "A Christmas Story", I knew instantly that when I had kids, sharing a room would be a must. The two single beds placed perfectly with a table in between was the only reason why they have shared a room since little M was 9 months old. (I am also a little obsessed with that movie...) And every night since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed peeking in as they slept soundly side by side. Sure, there were moments that proved troublesome when trying to get them to sleep at an appropriate time (especially when little M moved out of the crib. There were many a night of screams from big A protesting, "he won't stop climbing on top of me!", and many more nights of hearing little feet running back and forth for what seemed like an eternity.), but the overall pluses of sharing a room made it all worthwhile. The conversations were always fun to eavesdrop on, and this was usually the time that both boys got along really well. Phrases such as, "wouldn't it be awesome if..", and "do you want to hear something cool?" became quite popular as they got older, and both found more enjoyment in conversing with one another. (There were plenty of moments when little M was too young to converse back and forth with big A. It was often a case of big A wanting to talk, but little M just finding pleasure in shouting out potty words and jumping on big A)

..So when big A started approaching me with the idea of moving to his own room, I was quite reluctant. I thought about it for a while, and after the umpteenth request, decided it was worth a try. The spare room was quickly painted, and "cooler" stuff was arranged just so on the shelf.

...That night he went to bed excited, but at the same time quite nervous about being alone for the first time in 6 years. I had to lay with him down to sleep, and as I did so, found myself feeling quite sad. The room seemed so empty....there was no little body nearby sleeping soundly, and the room just seemed so "empty". Once asleep, I went downstairs and spent the rest of the night "mourning" the loss of what I had loved so much about them being together.

..A couple of nights went by, and as the fears of being alone faded away, a new and older boy started to emerge...a boy that thrived in the feeling of independence as he read himself to bed at night. No longer did the lights have to go out when mummy left the room in order for both boys to fall asleep quickly. He was now old enough to be allowed an extra 20 minutes to read with the light on, and given the important job of following mummy's instructions to turn it out himself at the designated time. And every night since then, I have crept up the stairs and watched as the light goes at exactly the right time, knowing that in that room lies a boy who is loving this new sense of independence.

...It was time, and I am just so thankful for the wonderful years they did have together.
(and I have to say, as much as I loved those long conversations, it is nice not having to call up several reminders to stop talking and quiet down...those boys have been known to go for up to three hours doing so!)

***P.S! don't forget about the giveaway!! thanks so much to everyone who has entered thus far, and how wonderful to meet so many new people! Deadline ends tomorrow!!! ***

Monday, December 13, 2010

holiday giveaway!!!! (part of Sew Mama Sew)

Happy Holidays! Let me treat you to a book, tape, and some fabric... I sat on the couch last night being all "festive" and watching Christmas shows with a jack-o-lantern bucket of forgotten candy in my lap (this is the probably the last year I will be able to get away with "hiding" the candy until they have no memory of it), I thought it fitting to have a big holiday giveaway today.... does a book, tape, and some fabric sound? hmmm?

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...The comments will close Friday at 10pm EST....good luck!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

how to make your kids festive....(and the winner is...)

How on earth do you tackle the dreaded holiday picture when one child refuses to remove pajamas, and the other insists on wearing his favourite skull shirt? Well, first you don't do what I did and try to force one very reluctant participant to climb on board. ( "please? can you just put on this cool striped shirt for 5 minutes? I will let you have extra dessert? an extra sticker for your chart? c'mon, something?")

After an emotionally exhausting few minutes, I took a deep breath and looked at the stress I was creating. Why would I adorn them in clothes they would never wear in the first place? Unless pants come in soft flannel or have "sports pants" written all over them, the one child is not happy. That's who he is, day in and day out.

Instead, I came up with a plan to not only show you who they really are, but also allow myself to give those family members and friends something a bit more festive. Our holiday card became a project that both the kids and I enjoyed creating together, and as a result new excitement was generated when posing for the picture. With big A wanting to be a "cool" snowboarder, and the other one wanting to carry a log, we were able to work on something that, in the end, represented who they were and made them festive at the same time! whew....

...I may need to keep an extra card on hand for those days when I want to see something other than red or blue sports pants...a little eye breather is always good, no?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

a spoonful giveaway....

...this seriously is the loveliest publication that arrived at my doorstop the other day, and what makes this even more special is the inclusion of a little piece of mine! I am beyond thrilled, and to be amongst so many other talented artists and writers is an honour...

..Anthea does an incredible job creating what she describes as a, "...short and inspiring little publication which, in light of our insanely busy lives, can be finished by the end of a train ride. It's quick to consume, beautifully soft, & after reading will genuinely make you smile."

I may not have a lovely train ride to absorb myself in this little zine, but I do have a preschool parking lot that has allowed just as much enjoyment as I wait for the little guy to finish school.

...Thank you so much Anthea, and I happen to have an extra copy for someone out there to enjoy as well! If you would like your own little inspirational zine, please leave a comment and spread the word. I will close the comments Saturday at 10pm EST.

...good luck!