Wednesday, April 28, 2010

knit knit float.....

...Mildred knew something was wrong.

...Why was Charlie being so quiet? He had asked her out on the boat for the day, and she thought for sure he was going to ask her the question. He hasn't yet.

....Well,she shouldn't let it bother her. At least she brought her knitting.

(embroidery on linen, encaustic, and oils)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

he's still a bit traumatized...... was a brilliant idea at the time, or so I thought it was.

..whizzing up some orange jello and letting it set a few hours before my eldest son returned from school was part of an ingenious plan to throw some good tricks the boys' way on April 1st.

...with two boys resting comfortably in the family room, I called them into the kitchen for some fresh "awesome" juice at the table.

....they rushed in and immediately began sucking on the straws. A few seconds of confusion later, the eldest boy realized my "trickery" and gave me the thumbs up on a play well done (which was soon followed with a very happy soul quickly devouring his jello "juice"). Little M looked up from his failed attempts at sucking up anything through his straw and looked over at big A who was already half way through his treat. A quick glance back in my direction, and the tears began to pour.

...One hour later I find myself still listening to the sounds of devastation as little M continues to flail about on the kitchen floor, and all I could think about was how I never thought of the obvious back-up plan. The poor guy screamed for an eternity, mum was sweating buckets trying to calm his little soul, and there was no juice to even offer him. I clearly did not think this one through. Milk and water were just met with deep glaring eyes.

....So please. If you try this little trickery at home, have a back-up plan. Otherwise you will find yourself where I month later with a boy who still looks at you suspiciously when you offer him a glass of juice.

it just takes a little something....

....just splash some dots of green juice into a miniature tea cup (it always has to be tiny to make it more appealing, doesn't it?) filled with mango juice, and you have yourselves a tasty serving of "toad potion". A little something that is easy to do, and gets your kids super excited that they get to drink toads....... and think your the coolest mum ever.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

She had a sinking feeling......

She had a sinking feeling.......

...she had a sinking feeling that maybe this wasn't the right decision.
Something was keeping her back from moving across the pond to be with Henry.

If you find yourself in NYC on the 6th of May, hop over to Gallery Hanahou for the opening of Lost at Sea!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy Earth Day.....

what do you have planned for today? We are hoping to pop over here
for some "cleaner" ideas....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

only after some spilled milk....

....only after I accidentally knocked my youngest son's milk over onto the couch and then discovered it was old....

...only after two hours of looking desperately for the scissors and needles that I forgot had been put in a "safe" spot (meaning on top of recycling bin in the garage and on the sink next to the toilet).....

....only after dropping my cup of coffee and having to change my fresh white shirt
that I had proudly claimed as my first "no kid marks anywhere" item of clothing...

...only after my thread kept getting jammed in the machine and I accidentally cut an opening in the front of my piece as I tried to "fix" the problem

...only after I went outside to take a mental "breather" from my troubles to then discover that the neighborhood cat had pulled all of the shallots out of my little vegetable garden we just planted

...only after I went to make a sandwich for lunch, and then found only crusts were left (I hate crusts)

...only after all of that did I return to my piece, stitch a little border with my "good enough for now" machine, and step back. more things to get in the way. it was finally done

....but then again, I still have to take it to the post............

Monday, April 19, 2010

just take a little walk in my shoes, perhaps?

mummysam red foxes kedsshoe

mummysam family portrait kedsshoe
mummysam family portrait by mummysam
View more Mummysam Keds Shoes

....this will become a problem. A problem that will keep me from going to bed at an appropriate hour because the boys still get up at 6am (even on weekends ), and this mummy has to at least somewhat function when they come storming in ready to go.

...a problem that will undoubtedly keep me up for many more late nights to come....

...a problem that the boys are going to have to deal with when they are told to just let mummy sleep in this time.

....a problem that is causing this post to be cut short so that I may design more shoes.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

it's a sign....


Sometimes it is so nice, and necessary, to have an opportunity to tinker about with something one doesn't normally do. When approached to design new storefront signage for a lovely children's shop just outside of Chicago, I jumped at the chance to play with text and colour in a more graphic approach. Thinking about how something will be read from across the street introduced a new approach to placement of colour. It had to be playful and fun, yet also be easily read by not only pedestrian passers-by, but also people whizzing past in their cars.

It will be interesting to see how the sign-makers will translate this image into the larger scale sign it's destined to be, but even more so when I become the passerby and have a look for myself! ....stay tuned.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

stop mucking about....

"Harold, stop mucking about. You almost made me drop a stitch....."
Oh, poor old Harold. It was just supposed to be a nice trip out on the boat. She would knit, and he would enjoy a good pipe. Why must that obnoxious Octopus get in the way?

Well, dear Harold has not been the only one "mucking" about as I continue to make progress on this embroidered piece that will be going to the Lost at Sea show next week (see two posts down). I spent a good couple of weeks thinking and pondering about what to do, and after completely rearranging the studio (which, might I add, always seems to be a "necessary" thing to do at the most inappropriate time....) I sat down and got to work.

As I begin to sew each segment of the story, I realized how much I needed that time to just ponder Harold and Marge's daily excursion. What did the Octopus want? Why did only Harold notice? Does Marge ever look up from her knitting? you know...all of the "important" questions one must find answers to :)

I have still yet to figure just how this little story ends, so maybe it's best if I get back to work.

No more mucking about. (at least for today)

Monday, April 12, 2010

the tape has arrived!!! (can you hear the excitement?)

Two posts in one day? Well, I tried to contain myself and wait until tomorrow, but that just wasn't meant to be.

Many of you have asked about some custom packaging, and this morning I was welcomed with a package of my own that made me jump with excitement........the mummysam custom tape arrived after a couple anxious weeks of waiting, and oh how worth the wait it was.

I have posted 14 rolls in the shop, and hope to make some more down the road. This was such a fun project to do, and I am off now to wrap some of my own packages before heading off to the post!

Lost at Sea

[image courtesy of Helle Jorgensen]

Lost at Sea
daring fiber artists delve into the deep
May 6 - June 11

gallery hanahou / 611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC /

Opening reception: Thursday, May 6, 7-9 pm RSVP

There is something about the malleability and textures of fabric, thread, and yarn that speaks of the sea and its many mysteries.

Curated by Kristen Rask of Schmancy and "Plush You," "Lost at Sea" gathers 32 exciting artists who share underwater visions of items lost, creatures forgotten, and life that struggles to stay with us. The show will feature a broad array of amusing and uncanny works in embroidery, plush, and other materials.

Special workshop on 5/8: Contemporary Embroidered Fabric Collage with Nicole Licht

Brooklyn fiber artist Nicole Licht will lead participants in making embroidery and fabric collages with a "Lost at Sea" theme in a workshop similar to one that she has led at the MAD museum.

Date + Time: Saturday, May 8, 1-3 pm
Place: gallery hanahou, 611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC
Cost: $45
Signup: Email info@galleryhanahou - space is limited!

Participating Artists

Anna Hrachovec
Annie Aube
Becky Stern
Cindy Steiler
Coco Howard of Softlife
Cotton Monster
Diem Chau
Erin Paisley
Heidi Kenney
Helle Jorgensen
Hine Mizushima
Jenny Dubish
Jenny Harada
Jenny Hart
Jessica Marquez
Jill Bliss
Joetta Maue
Katya Usvitsky
Kristen Rask
Lisa Aaron
Margaret Oomen
Melissa Sue Stanley
Nicole Licht
Pamela Davis
Sara Lanzillotta
Sayuri Sasaki Hemann
Yoko Nomura
Zoe Williams

Oh how I wish I could be there for the opening! If you can manage a trip yourself, I would love to hear all about it. Look for three of my pieces at the show, showcasing my beloved Henry and his "forever knitting" companion, Marge. Be there to witness there journey into the treacherous, octopus ridden waters as they try to enjoy a Sunday afternoon out for tea :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

a sneak peak, perhaps?'s official......the book cover has been approved, and I couldn't wait to share the news!

After many a back and forth discussion about background colours, font styles, and so on, we have ended up with a design that fits me oh so well. My design editor at Stash books did such a fabulous job listening to my concerns and questions, and was able to create something so wonderful and just delicious to look at.

It finally feels real. To see a visual representation of something you have been working on for the better part of a year feels ever so rewarding, and I am still pinching myself that this is truly happening. It has been a lot of work, but worth every bit of late night stress and sudden "can I really do this?" panic attacks along the way.

Yes. I can do this. I did do it. And it's going to look fabulous.....

Look for it this coming October!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a pretty "dicey" Easter....

we were a little unsure about our idea as we sat there, the night before Easter, filling one hundred plastic eggs with could either go really well, or become one of those frustrations in a little one's life that can cause "oh so much despair" as each consecutive egg revealed yet another dice......and how those frustrations can really change a little one's day!

...thankfully things went even better than expected. Every egg was met with more excitement than the last, with an ending of two boys spending hours organizing and hurling their dice across the floor ( apparently whacking the dice against the base of the fireplace yields the most productive spins....)

....after a day of ranking the best spinners, we decided to create some games to give our fireplace and base mouldings a break. (oh, and there's my head...the constant sound of dice being hurled started to make me a bit batty...)

...the onset of rain a few days later prompted some ideal time to work on some games for our umpteen amounts of dice ( have I mentioned we have already lost 6 since Easter?). The game above is based on a popular game called Mountain. Simply click on this image, print it out, and enjoy with your own dice! The game is simple...use your dice to make it "over" the mountain (or, the images I have drawn above). Here are the rules:

1. print out enough copies of the above page for each player and have pencils ready
2. use two dice and have everyone each take a turn throwing said dice
3. you must go in order up and down the images, and can cross off your numbers as you go
(for example, when starting, if you roll a 1 and 3 you can only cross off the 1. If you roll a 1 and 2, you can cross off the 1 and 2. make sense? )
4. the first person to reach the other side wins!

...and here is a game for all of you wanting a bit more "excitement and adventure". My eldest one came up with this game...isn't it great?

***update*** I have returned from the coffee shop with the boys since writing this post. I had no idea just how brilliant this game is that he be so proud! here are the rules (trust's a fun one for the kids)
object: to defeat the dragon or remain the king of the dragons, depending on whom you are playing
need: three players and one set of dice
1.each player takes turns rolling dice.
2.The knights get one die, and the dragon gets two dice.
3.The knight gets to roll and move the number of spaces displayed on the die and marks his place as he goes along.
4. The dragon gets two dice and follows the rules of the Mountain game (meaning, must go in order of the numbers...see earlier game for details)
5. If a knight reaches the end of his trail first, he has defeated the dragon....but if the dragon reaches the end of his trail first, he gets to remain the king of the dragons's hoping we have hooked some of you out there as well!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am not one for being patient....

...I should have probably waited until an actual copy fell into my hands, but patience over here is not something I am very good at...

...remember these foxes? Well, I am just so excited to see their magazine debut in a publication that all of you should subscribe to, if you haven't already. Uppercase magazine is such a brilliant printed piece of work, as every page is so wonderfully put together. The articles and photography are just so lovely, that I often find myself revisiting their issues when a good dose of inspiration is needed.'s a little sneak peak in what to expect in this upcoming issue. Can you find the foxes?
Oh, I cannot wait!! ( this is where my ancyness does me no good at all.....)

Thank you so much Uppercase for this wonderful opportunity!