Monday, December 20, 2010

Winner announced!

congratulations Monda-Loves! You are the winner of this lovely package!!!
Please e-mail me, and the goodies will be in their way....

thank you so much to all of you who have entered, and how wonderful to meet so many new people! The response was overwhelming.....thank you!


Stitch Rabbit said...

(I mean congratulations)
I will be ordering your book on Amazon as a holiday gift to myself.
I love your style, Mummysam.
And can you tell me - is there anywhere in Canada that sells your fabric? (better shipping rates)

Love, Stitch Rabbit

mummysam said...

sorry!!...but hope you enjoy the book when you receive it!
(and as for the fabric...are you talking about my spoonflower or the Robert Kaufman fabric? The spoonflower is only sold via my shop, and I am not sure about the Robert Kaufman. You can go to their main web page to find out. hope that helps!!)

p.s. I miss Canada :(

Leililaloo said...

Have a very happy Christmas, Sam :))
xoxo Dana

mummysam said...

you too my dear!!!!