Wednesday, October 27, 2010

he's lucky I had to get home....'s a good thing I had to get home, or else he would see me walk in with yet another unnecessary project at hand (I still have to put back in some quarter round in the kitchen, finish painting the doors upstairs, paint that annoying hard to get to spot behind the living room know. The projects that should get done first before I tackle anything else)

..I have officially painted the kitchen four times, the living room three, and my studio twice in the four years since moving here. As my husband sees it; once you paint it, it's there for life. As for myself; once you paint it, it's good for about 4 months until you see an image in a magazine that shows you that the color you originally picked just won't do anymore.

..I drove past and tightened my hands against the steering wheel, ready to pull in. (not quite the intensity that Meryl Streep had with the truck handle in Bridges of Madison County, but you get the idea....) I was right there, and oh how I just wanted to go in for a quick look. The boys' room has been looking kind of bland lately, and they could do with a fresh coat, right? The justifications started rolling in, and I was ever so close to caving in.

..Then the quarter round started talking, and the leaky faucet began to scream...pretty soon a whole orchestra of 90% done jobs started to play. And oh how loudly they played right into my ear. I couldn't do it. For the first time I resisted that urge to bring home yet another project, and found myself driving home with my hands a bit more relaxed on the wheel.

..Besides, I have to go that way again tomorrow...if I get one of those looming projects done today, maybe that orchestra of unfinished tasks will let me add another instrument? (I swear I will finish it this time. Really. Well, maybe except for that spot behind the radiator....but do people really look behind that anyway?)


tangled sky studio said...

i'm in the band too
living room twice
dining room thrice
kitchen & family room thrice
and too many 90% projects to mention
somedays i'm amazed at my productivity
other days i'm dismayed by my procrastination
love the photo/drawing combo
oh and-
how cute are you in your footless tights : )

blue china studio said...

I just love your photo/drawing and cleverly written story. And you look so adorable.
I can relate to the 90% done thing, it is a terrible problem for me here and I have 9 years worth scattered around every room. Sigh.

Carrie said...

I have two stitching projects stuffed in a bag in my studio that I've been working on on and off for the last 15 years or so as well as countless more recent unfinished projects. I love your blog by the way.

mummysam said...

good to know their are other "orchestras" of unfinished work out there :) ...and no, I didn't finish one of those yet....
and thanks beth for the compliments on me bird legs....

Leila said...

I love the little illustration too. Very cute!

How can you even get the spot behind the radiator painted? After looking at the 2 inches of clearance and the bare spot where no one else who had ever painted my hundred-year-old-house had bothered to paint, I decided that it's just not required to paint back there!

mummysam said...

Leila, I use the mini rollers attached to a long pole (sometimes I also use those square pieces that people use for edging, again attached to a extension pole....) how I wish I didn't know this, and even more so wish I didn't tell my husband about it, because now there just is no excuse :)

thea said...

girl you are too funny...did the house get picked up as you mentioned it was calling for? You have mastered the art of procrastination;) Love the drawing/photo and LOVE the idea you sent. xo

Shin said...

you are so funny

Fallon said...

I am the same way! I repaint and redecorate a lot!

Just love your photo!

Patrice A. said...

I love to paint walls!
Living room three times, kitchen five, other rooms between three and more.

And what a nice pic/drawing of you!