Monday, September 27, 2010


I am back from the most wonderful night in Brooklyn, where I took on a new role as "teacher" for a few hours and lead a wonderful workshop in the even more wonderful work space of Etsy. Being completely surrounded by such a creative environment was just what this mum needed, as it brought back instant memories of those super late nights in art school. (oh how long ago that was!) It was fantastic, and if only I had remembered to actually bring my camera (ugh!), I would have something visual to share...., for the time being, I shall give you a little peak into a new fabric design I have been playing around with.

Thanks to not only the Etsy staff for making my visit so incredible, but also to all of you who made it out for a fun night of stitching (and chatting...of course). Please send me images of your finished pieces, as I would love to see how they turned out!


Leila said...

Ha -- I forgot my camera too! But I will indeed send you a photo of my finished guy when I get him done (I realize now that I was supposed to use the embroidery to hold the pieces of felt together, not to rely on the stitching of the sides so I'll be doing a bit more handstitching this afternoon!)

Cary Walker said...

glad you had fun sam, wish i could have been there!

mummysam said...

Leila...look forward to seeing the doll, and again I am so glad you made it there!

Cary...thought of you a tremendous amount as we played on the "ship" (thank you...). got me wondering where you guys used to live as I looked across the street and saw Bubby's. (I have to say, I am hooked on that Dumbo area! and the Etsy space....oh how I need to be around that creative environment!!!)