Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what to make for lunch......

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...I had every good intention last year of making lunches for the boys that were not only healthy, but also appealing enough to get them excited about what they were going to eat. I think I was brilliant at the job for about three weeks until I "lost my steam"....pretty soon I found myself frantically scouring the cupboards (knowing that the bus would be arriving any minute) looking for something to pull together, and thus would often get repeated reminders that "I always get that...." I was tapped out of ideas, and I couldn't seem to remember those lunches that were a big hit.

...This year I am determined. (Again, we are only one week into school mind you......)

...Lunch for the week is being planned ahead of time, to hopefully avoid staring at an empty fridge on a Wednesday, only to realize that we had already gone through all the fruit. Rather than rely on my memory to come up with different combinations (which worked "so well" last year), I am documenting every meal with a little doodle. It is with this idea that I hope to eventually have a bunch of these little memory cards, which will then allow for a much less stressful approach to lunch planning. I hope.

..what do you have planned for lunch today?


Jenny Stevning said...

I love the lunch doodle.
Also, congratulations of being on the EtsyFinds email today with your Mr. Fox fat quarter!!

mummysam said...

oooh really? how wonderful!
I will have to go and check that out!

Gremlina said...

if i could only manage this for dinners! & I second the congrats--adorable fabric!

Melissa Crowe said...

We had an awesome, super-veggie soup (kidney beans, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, onions, garlic). YUM. But I did not draw an amazing picture of it, unlike some ladies I know.

My Little Cupcake said...

What a cute idea!