Tuesday, September 14, 2010


(embroidery on linen)

..my eldest son goes through "obsessive" moments, where he will focus like nobody's business on one particular subject for an insanely long time. Right now we are into license plates, or more appropriately, the need to see as many different ones as possible. Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Connecticut, Florida are to name but a few of the plates we saw over this past weekend in one of our favourite local towns.

..With this obsession, however, can come a lack of thinking when he is in the "zone".
This past Saturday we arrived in town ready to visit our usual coffee hangout when he spotted one. The excitement was building up in his little body when he spotted it from across the street.
It was a new one. The letters were blue and the picture was different. He had (sorry,"had") to find out right away if he was right. So far he had documented about 17 plates, and this would bring him even that much closer to twenty.

..Without thinking, he started to bolt towards the car. Luckily I was there just in time to grab his tiny frame and hold him back before a car got dangerously close. After I calmed down enough to take a breath, we went over to take a look.

..He was right. It was a new one. And yes...he is that much closer to twenty. (and I much closer to being absolutely frazzled!)


Jenny Stevning said...

Thank God for moms' lightening quick reflexes!! PHEW!
I love that he has a deep passion of license plate. (I had one for bit while I was 8.) But I am sorry his excitement frazzled your nerves.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Goodness- glad you were able to keep it together!

Katie said...

Your work is beautiful and your technique is intriguing. Do you hand stitch these pieces, use a machine, or both?

mummysam said...

thanks all... (and I am sure many of you out there can relate!!!)

Katie..I mostly free-motion stitch my work (I like how the unknown of how the sewn drawing turns out (and the times where it doesn't) I don't like to draw ahead of time, as I think just going straight into drawing with the machine makes for a lovelier "roughness". I usually finish off areas with hand-stitching (I think the only bit hand stitched here is the lines of the road)

thanks again!

Patrice A. said...

I think I am in love. In love with your work. And am a bit jealous too. Because I cannot find the balance yet, between free work, assignments and motherhood. But I will! And in the meantime I enjoy your lovely work.

Chantal said...

Oh my goodness. It is fortunate that he sounds like an adorable boy to help balance out those frazzling moments.

Your stitches and artwork are beautiful. So unique. I love seeing what you are producing... and reading the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing them both with us.

sarah barnett said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I find it so moving and inspiring the way you care for your children and use your art as a means of coping (is that the right word?) with the challenges of parenting. Your work is simply stunning - my daughter (Miss 9) and I just love looking at it but what makes it so touching and evocative are the (real) stories behind it. Thank you!

inaluxe said...

Such an amazing read - I love the fixation children have, and like it when I see it in adults too. I suspect it's how some of us learn new things! Glad no one got hurt, and sooooo love your new piece very much! It's gorgeous.... you've now both inspired me to go out and get fixated ASAP! xo Kristina.