Sunday, August 22, 2010

portraits are a comin'! favourite set of faces are ready for a little launch at the shop tonight! As much as I wanted to wait until the fabric actually arrived before putting up a post, I realized that a pre-launch was in order this time around. (and yes. I have ironed out all of the quirks that came along with my first pre-launch can be such a learning process, right?) I have had many e-mails requesting this design, and in order to make enough available, I am going to list the pattern tonight and subsequently place the order by the end of the week.

...I already have plans to take my own stash and recover a little worn footstool (after a summer of boys running in and out the house in bare feet, my little stool is in desperate need of some attention....oh how much I am longing for socks and slippers again....)


tangled sky studio said...

ditto on the socks and slippers : )
(the fabrics you've been posting are super cute)

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

these prints are great!

mummysam said...

thank you both!
and must tell me what movie it will be! I'll be ready to point and tell everyone "I own one of her pieces!"

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Your patterns are so cute- I am so happy to have found your blog-
I also call my boys monkeys-
Nice to 'meet' you!
I follow now so I'll be back!