Monday, July 5, 2010

poke poke poke poke poke........

....oh how the "cheeky monkey" came out to play while we were on holiday this past week.....
This photo was one of those "oh, I must get a picture of my cute boys all wrapped up and resting under the sun" moments until I looked back at the image in my camera and saw what was happening all along. Little did big A know what was coming, as two very gentles pokes from two very controlled feet gently tapped his back (and doesn't he have the cheekiest expression to go along with it?) This moment in time pretty much summed up many of our days, as the little guy found extreme pleasure in this new form of "entertainment", which of course was met with anything but enthusiasm from the recipient. (and with that came two " very tired" parents as well.....)

...amidst the many a poke and prod, we did manage to squirrel in some great time playing in the sand and catching up with family. Before we knew it the time had ended, and we embarked on our 17 hour drive straight home (with barely a poke, might I add.....thank goodness!)

...we are now recovering as we try to get schedules on track, and I am looking so forward to getting a bit of work done as well. That is, as long as the "cheeky monster" didn't hitch a ride back with us :)

...check in tomorrow for some fun giveaways!!

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Gremlina said...

oh the schedules!! perhaps it's all moms on 4th of july weekend.