Wednesday, May 26, 2010

not just for packaging, "don't ya know"....

...according to my little one,this tape is not good for packaging due to a more appropriate purpose that mummy apparently should have thought about.

...I entered the room to see heads being chopped off (in a very precise manner, mind you....),
and bodies being drawn.

...he was hard at work concocting little stories for each character (I am the one in the middle, by the way....keep that in mind for later....)

...and here they are 20 minutes later. Apparently we all ate toads, and I managed to snack on some chopped off spider legs and bits of our roof (that's why my face is more yellow....)

...what will yours dine on today?

**** Note: In case any of you are still interested in pre-ordering some fabric, I will be closing all orders and removing the listings after this Fri. Some of you inquired about more yardage than what I have listed. Feel free to convo me through my shop, and I can set up a custom listing! thanks again!!! ****


blue china studio said...

How very clever! I love seeing how children can always think outside of the box like that.

tangled sky studio said...

toads and spiders...double yum! thanks for sharing the sweetness!

mummysam said...

thank you! (of course, I say that on behalf of my 4 year old...although I am still wondering why I'm not the one with the those are permanently glued to my head...)

Jenny Stevning said...

I love the tape! Do you ever stop being cool?? And I adore the other very creative use!

Škorčica said...

I had to look in a dictionary what a toad mean - well, now I know and I also know that you turn green if you eat it! :)

I also like the tape so very much!

Cara Carmina said...

Oh what a nice thing to do with it!!! just perfect!!! (love the toads green bodies!!!) :)

he´s just an artist ha?

good week for ya! :)