Monday, May 3, 2010

boredom inevitably leads to lava bridges....

...without boredom, they may have never been the lava bridge that allows you to go from one end of the garden to the other without turning to dust. (which, apparently is very important if you want to keep all your super powers.....) was a hot afternoon and they were "bored". We had already spent the day together at the cafe, played tag in the park, and battled each other with some card games. It was a great morning, but I was ready to do my own thing.

...They are getting older now, and I am finding it more important (and desirable on my own part!) that they learn how to play on their own more often. I keep going back to my own childhood days that were spent either setting up "house" in the back garden shed, or playing "butcher shop" in the basement with a big pile of moving paper and hanging chalkboard with the hand-written daily specials. Even without elaborate set-ups, my sister and I were outside spending hours playing in mud or climbing trees. And now my boys need to do that to.

...Sure, the time started out with many a plea for just a "quick" game of knights or tag.

...Yes, they claimed "boredom" with such a sound of devastation and sad look in their eyes that one would think they couldn't possibly live through anything worse.

...and of course I was feeling a bit doubtful as I went inside to do something for me.

...But, oh how they surprised me when I came back outside! One boy was lining up the path as the other spent his time methodically picking out the stones. Discussions were had on how to construct it properly, and decisions were made on what necessary "dangers" one would need to avoid when crossing the ocean of lava.

...Two hours went by, and they were so absorbed that I became an unnecessary distraction when I asked to join. Retreating to the kitchen, I made myself a cup of tea and stood at the sink, watching through the window. They were in heaven, and I just as much so, as I listened to their wonderful play. It was perfect and ever so appreciated by all of us.

...I finished my tea, cleaned up some dishes and went back outside.

..This time it was me who was begging , "will you play with me, pleeeeaaaase?"


blue china studio said...

Oh, that brings back such memories of my own childhood. What a fun thing to watch unfold. I want to go play on that bridge too!

tangled sky studio said...

yes, stepping back is a key ingredient to parenting sometimes. some of my favorite moments are conversations overheard among my three kiddos while i'm painting or cooking....and you're two raised beds look just like the ones i'll be returning to a bit too late for planting (maybe i'll do a cutting garden). what are you putting in yours?


Rebecca said...

Maybe when they say, "I'm Bored", you should respond like Mom used to and say, "Hi Mr. Bored, I'm Sam." Ha!
PS. The veg beds look lovely!

mummysam said...

thanks everyone....
and far we have shallots, onions, lettuce, mixed greens, tomatoes, peppers and basil. I may have dove in a bit too deep with this!
fingers crossed :)