Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a pretty "dicey" Easter....

we were a little unsure about our idea as we sat there, the night before Easter, filling one hundred plastic eggs with dice.....it could either go really well, or become one of those frustrations in a little one's life that can cause "oh so much despair" as each consecutive egg revealed yet another dice......and how those frustrations can really change a little one's day!

...thankfully things went even better than expected. Every egg was met with more excitement than the last, with an ending of two boys spending hours organizing and hurling their dice across the floor ( apparently whacking the dice against the base of the fireplace yields the most productive spins....)

....after a day of ranking the best spinners, we decided to create some games to give our fireplace and base mouldings a break. (oh, and there's my head...the constant sound of dice being hurled started to make me a bit batty...)

...the onset of rain a few days later prompted some ideal time to work on some games for our umpteen amounts of dice ( have I mentioned we have already lost 6 since Easter?). The game above is based on a popular game called Mountain. Simply click on this image, print it out, and enjoy with your own dice! The game is simple...use your dice to make it "over" the mountain (or, the images I have drawn above). Here are the rules:

1. print out enough copies of the above page for each player and have pencils ready
2. use two dice and have everyone each take a turn throwing said dice
3. you must go in order up and down the images, and can cross off your numbers as you go
(for example, when starting, if you roll a 1 and 3 you can only cross off the 1. If you roll a 1 and 2, you can cross off the 1 and 2. make sense? )
4. the first person to reach the other side wins!

...and here is a game for all of you wanting a bit more "excitement and adventure". My eldest one came up with this game...isn't it great?

***update*** I have returned from the coffee shop with the boys since writing this post. I had no idea just how brilliant this game is that he created...to be so proud! here are the rules (trust me...it's a fun one for the kids)
object: to defeat the dragon or remain the king of the dragons, depending on whom you are playing
need: three players and one set of dice
1.each player takes turns rolling dice.
2.The knights get one die, and the dragon gets two dice.
3.The knight gets to roll and move the number of spaces displayed on the die and marks his place as he goes along.
4. The dragon gets two dice and follows the rules of the Mountain game (meaning, must go in order of the numbers...see earlier game for details)
5. If a knight reaches the end of his trail first, he has defeated the dragon....but if the dragon reaches the end of his trail first, he gets to remain the king of the dragons

...here's hoping we have hooked some of you out there as well!


tangled sky studio said...

what a fabulous idea...i'm going to jot this one down...just brilliant.

splurge said...

Love this idea! I'm off to buy some more dice and try this game with the little splurges.

Cary Walker said...

how lovely:)

sammi said...

thank you all! This was such an unexpected turn of events with the dice!

thea said...

This is delightful and what a creative bunch you and the boys are. Will have to try this possibly the next time we are over for playdate-who will be the dragon though?

Thea Coughlin said...

agh signed in as wrong id again:(