Tuesday, April 27, 2010

he's still a bit traumatized......

...it was a brilliant idea at the time, or so I thought it was.

..whizzing up some orange jello and letting it set a few hours before my eldest son returned from school was part of an ingenious plan to throw some good tricks the boys' way on April 1st.

...with two boys resting comfortably in the family room, I called them into the kitchen for some fresh "awesome" juice at the table.

....they rushed in and immediately began sucking on the straws. A few seconds of confusion later, the eldest boy realized my "trickery" and gave me the thumbs up on a play well done (which was soon followed with a very happy soul quickly devouring his jello "juice"). Little M looked up from his failed attempts at sucking up anything through his straw and looked over at big A who was already half way through his treat. A quick glance back in my direction, and the tears began to pour.

...One hour later I find myself still listening to the sounds of devastation as little M continues to flail about on the kitchen floor, and all I could think about was how I never thought of the obvious back-up plan. The poor guy screamed for an eternity, mum was sweating buckets trying to calm his little soul, and there was no juice to even offer him. I clearly did not think this one through. Milk and water were just met with deep glaring eyes.

....So please. If you try this little trickery at home, have a back-up plan. Otherwise you will find yourself where I am....one month later with a boy who still looks at you suspiciously when you offer him a glass of juice.


ieva jansone said...

oh..... poor guy.. and poor YOU (i can imagine how unhappy you were seeing your crying child;(

mummysam said...

yes, this definitely was not one of those "oh so glad I did this moments"...but I guess these have to happen every now and again, right?