Monday, March 29, 2010

nothing beats it.....

french toast, originally uploaded by mummysam.

.... a few rough nights dealing with big A's asthma warranted a necessary treat for everyone Sunday morning. A mild obsession with baking challah bread this weekend enabled us to make a massive amount of french toast the next day. (somehow I managed to make four loaves Saturday...thanks to that ADD urge to go full out when you become interested in something...)

...sometimes those compulsive behaviors can be a good thing, right?


tangled sky studio said...



Melissa Crowe said...

Truly I do not think there's a more delicious food on earth. Of course, having given up dairy and eggs, I mourn french toast a little. I can make a vegan version, but, as you'd guess, it's not the same. Luckily I can at least eat yours, with my eyes. ;-)

suna said...

mmmmmmmm looks so good. i havent had it for so long.

Leililaloo said...

Looks like it :))

This could become a great painting titled "My Breakfast"

sammi said...

thanks everyone!
(and a have me thinking....)
yes, it was good. so good. and I think we may just have to have it again for dinner tonight :)

(and melissa, i'll do the tasting for you:) )