Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ahhh, the wellies kept me out of the rain!

aha! I must have just needed a good pair of wellies to protect me from this creative wet puddle I have been soaking in for way too long.....

...I cannot thank you enough, dear wellies, as this morning brought about the most wonderful creating experience I have had in quite some time. Your bright boots kept me cheerful and hopeful, as I continued to go with the rhythm. A sewing/painting process that went without hitch, and has now got me wanting more.

...hmmm....are we on a wellie kick now?


Melissa Crowe said...

Though our styles are quite different, our minds work in very similar ways, my dear--I'm on a sewing/painting kick, too, as you know, but what you're doing is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. It's all I can do not to rush to the studio and copy you. You'll have to police me a little, I fear. ;-)

Amber Dusick said...

This is fantastic! I love the direction you have gone in. Deeper, brooding. And wellies. I have to laugh because I wear red wellies to work in my ceramic studio. I can get clay all over them and just rinse them off. They are my creative boots and truly magical.

sammi said...

Thank you both!
and I do find I am going backwards to my painting days a bit, as the pieces are slowly getting darker and darker...I was just nervous about how people would take this change?

again, thank you both!!
(alright melissa....where's this project idea going? I am anxiously awaiting)

tangled sky studio said...

love the new direction and the deeper it canvas stretched on a frame? there is lots of potential here sam...can't wait to see where it goes.

Elise said...

I think your work is wonderful, expressive and always touching! Keep going, no matter what. Doubts be darned (just not able to swear on blogland)!!!

sammi said...'s linen stretched over 1/2 inch thick piece of wood. It just reminds me so much of what I used to do...I am going full-circle 8 years later!
Elise....thanks so much for your comments! (non-swear word and all :) )