Friday, February 26, 2010

welcome to grandmaland.....

...the boys are absolutely obsessed with board games as of late, to the point that snow days are no longer about the ability to play outside in the snow, but more so the chance to play board games for as long as they can go without stopping... (I have to say, this one surprised me a bit...for two Olympic athletes in training (and yes, we are still the Swiss guy, with the occasional appearance from Finland, Germany, and the U.S.A), you would think they would jump at the chance to trade in their indoor cardboard bobsleds for some outside training runs. oh well.)

...with a full day ahead of us, we made a little twist to our plans and decided to make Grandma a game for her birthday. They wanted to give her a version of one of their "classic" favourites, and set about making the game board (paper glued onto two pieces of cardboard), cards, and figures.

(I love how someone's little wrong way round d's get quickly fixed to avoid utter devastation. As a result, I decided not
to bring up the "u", I think it's cute that way...)

...they worked really, really hard and felt so proud of themselves when the package was sent off later that day.

...but not without an afternoon of "test" runs first :)


Kate said...

What a beautiful idea for a present, I love the colours of the game

leah said...

that's one lucky grandma! i am looking forward to the day when both girls can play games. right now we have one into it and the other into heaving the pieces onto the floor.

where did this week go anyway? i am pretty sure it is friday. right? what does next week look like for you?

patricia cotterill said...

Grandma wants to say thankyou, thankyou. My board game was the BEST birthday present. You two boys are both so clever and creative. I can't wait to see you this summer to give you both big mushy kisses!

Leililaloo said...

wow, your boys are so funny and clever! I so enjoy the way you write about them. It just brought a big SMILE on my face!

sammi said...

thank you!!! this one was really fun to much, that I think we have started on a new wave of board game making. next up: olympic lego game!