Monday, February 22, 2010

oh my apologies, "swiss guy"....

...I have been upsetting him so, as I continue to mistake him for my son. He is clearly a medal winning "luge guy" known as "swiss guy". (how could I mistake the obvious?) far "nervous" mummy has witnessed many crashes on the track as he practiced at the Olympic arena (aka the playground slide down the street). No worries though, as he still managed to capture a bronze and silver.
...Swiss guy is now training for his upcoming short track race and two-man bobsled race with his brother, and poor mummy will have to switch gears again. Just as I am getting used to addressing him with the appropriate name, I have been informed that his bobsled team will need to be addressed as "The Canadas".

....They are expected to win 20 gold medals.

***note: all the pieces from my solo show at Renegade Handmade in Chicago are now all posted for sale in their shop! They did such a fantastic job putting the gallery together...I just wish I could have been there! Look for a post about opening night tomorrow! *******


Cara Carmina said...

Oh my Gooood! but of course is the "Swiss guy".... so cute!

Oh and I saw your pieces in the store! SOOOOOOO lovely! you did a terrific work!!! amazing Sam! congrats!!!! :) been so busy myself... will write soon! :) have a good and creative week!

Thea Coughlin said...

adorable pictures. Love the medals:)
creative you:)

tangled sky studio said...

so sweet! i love the jammies (must be official luge wear, right?). the pieces you have at renegade look awesome sam...what a weight off your shoulders to have them out there in the world. i passed on the flyer to many friends in the windy city. i especially am tempted by "she had cabbages on the brain" and am loving the toy soldiers as well. best of luck with the show and surviving your own "mini olympics"!


This girl said...

Ahaha this is amazing. What a little champion :D

sammi said...

thank you so much!
doesn't the seriousness get you?
(you can tell he truly believes he's a swiss champion at that moment...)

and thanks for your lovely comments about Renegade! I was so excited myself when I was able to see some pictures of the space!

patricia cotterill said...

Sam your show was GREAT. To see all your pieces on display was a treat. Everyone at Renegade were very complimentary. I am so proud of you, mum