Monday, February 1, 2010

hibernation time....'s been cold here, and I mean REALLY cold
...With a quick scan of the eye, you can tell this household has been in hibernation mode.
Empty mugs from many a hot honey milk are scattered about the house, clusters of toys are laid about throughout every room, books are piled high on the couch, and blankets can be found within hand's reach to re-warm some cold little bodies.
...but when the novelty of hibernation starts wearing off, the books have to be set aside to make way for activities better suited for two caged up little monkeys. And that's when my pile of lonely yarn comes into play (I think I need to take classes again...) Apparently pushing a ball of yarn across the room with only your nose can be a huge hit, especially when a timer is added, and can keep two boys occupied with laughter for hours. Just one ball of yarn, and the boys are back to sipping hot honey milk, too tired to do anything else. They just want to wrap up in some blankets and read.


tangled sky studio said...

ah yes it's amazing what a ball of yarn can be used for....they can also make a string fort, cut up some "spaghetti" or finger knit. stay warm!


patricia cotterill said...

Hey Sam, remember that sweater I knitted you out of that huge knitted coat that grandma made? She must have spent a fortune on British yarn!

sammi said...

string fort....hmmmm...that could be a really good thing, or a "oh my goodness, how much yarn did you use?" type of moment? :)