Monday, January 11, 2010

remembering back.....

remembering back....., originally uploaded by mummysam.

Horace often wishes he could be 8 again..........

speaking of "remembering back" (yes, that horrible segue has returned...), I remember back to the beginning of the school year when I swore that I wouldn't walk to the bus with my jammies on. I was so good, you must believe me, as I took such pride in walking my eldest to his bus stop every morning with a proper pair of pants and shoes on. Weeks went by, and I thought nothing of it.
Then it happened.
One accidental sleep- in caused such a hurried madness, that I had to rush him to the stop with my pajamas on. Mind you, I still managed to get my shoes on. It wasn't so bad, as my winter jacket was long enough to cover most of my pink reindeer flannels. And there was something nice about returning into the house with the ability to cozy up onto my chair with a hot cup of tea.
Then it happened again.
This time, it was my husband's pajamas...Way too big, and clearly not mine. My husband gave me the stare as I walked our son out the door, but I just decided to shrug it off. Besides, I was wearing proper wasn't that bad. I was starting to like the pajamas, and the return back home to my cozy chair was becoming a welcome ritual.
It happened yet again.
Thursday I drove my youngest son to school with my pajama top on. This time I was very confident in my decision, as I defended my actions knowing that I had put on jeans, shoes, and a jacket. No one was to know, right?
Now it has to stop.
I got too comfortable. Arriving at the coffee shop post school drop-off to meet a friend, I took off my jacket only to suddenly realize that I was indeed wearing my pajamas. This wasn't my cozy chair tucked in the privacy of my own home, but rather a very open chair welcoming everyone that came through the door. I quickly zipped the jacket back up and proceeded to sweat under it's thick lining while trying to act "too cold" to take it off.
I will never wear pajamas to the bus stop again :)


Rebecca said...

you are too funny!!!!!! I remember when mom would freak out if she was driving us to school (in her pajamas), and had forgotten to put on her lipstick! I love the hoop too.

meplusmolly said...

Surely this little story is worth putting into fabric and stitch in some way!
fab image in my mind of you sat in the coffee shop in your jammies! ;0 x

(p.s if it make's you feel any better, my sis has often nipped round to her local shop on a weekend, to get milk etc in her jammies, and she doesn't care a jot!!)

Claudia said...

That truly made me laugh and remember....I once too drove my children to the bus stop because they were too late and I only wore my pajamas and flip-flops. Unfortunately I was driving too fast and the police held me up to inform me that I was driving too fast and that I had to pay a fee. Ugh! So I sat in my car glued to my seat hoping I did not have to get out and just hoping even more that nobody would pass by who knew me! Of course the children came too late to the bus stop. Since then I never go out without decent shoes and a sweater to wear on top just in case....Greetings from Germany!

flor said...

I love your stories Sam, and the way you write them. They're always make me smile, thank you!

tangled sky studio said... of the reasons i'm looking forward to the midwest is a long down coat + boots = put together.


sammi said...

thanks so much everyone for your own perfect little stories...I really enjoyed reading them all, and feel at peace knowing I am not the only jammie queen out and about!