Monday, January 25, 2010

milk trucks and mustaches

An English country girl met a small-town US girl and they decided to collaborate on a fun new set of prints! I am thrilled to introduce this limited edition collaboration between Pistachio Press and mummysam.

These lovely pieces were printed on bright white 100% cotton paper, which creates a beautiful impression. All of the inks were hand mixed and each piece was printed by hand on an antique Vandercook No. 4 letterpress. Each print measures 8"x10", which is perfect for framing. Only 100 limited edition prints were made of each design.

Pricing is $30 each or $50 for the set. Check out our shops for more information:
Pistachio Press and mummysam.


Lovermore said...

Hi Sam,

I like the new prints. Very cool. My wife came across this site:

Really neat wall art, some for kids. I can invision a MummySam line of decals! Check it out.


Kickcan and Conkers said...


sammi said...

thank you both!

(thanks for the idea scott.I immediately checked it out and contacted them....we shall see..
hope twin life + 1 is going well!)