Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm still afloat... was time to leave town (too much gossip going about..), and she had to choose.

...she had far too many things to bring along. what should she leave behind? the end, the thought of bread for dinner without any cabbage soup made her decision an easy one.

I am still afloat on my own little boat over here, as I row closer and closer to my upcoming show at Renegade (details to come shortly...). Each piece has taken its time, as I try ever so hard to slow things down and let them develop as they should. I have to admit that the thought of filling an entire room with my own pieces was at first quite overwhelming, and I immediately reacted by trying to make as many pieces as possible.

It didn't work. I was uninspired, and left feeling at a loss at how I was going to pull this thing off. I have not done a show like this since my days as a painter back before I had children, and oh how much I was anxious to do it again. I really wanted to do a wonderful job, and realized that I had to shift my focus a bit.

Yes, it's an entire room....but would I rather have it packed to the ceiling with mass-produced work I hardly cared for, or would it be best to let smaller groups of pieces have the space they need to be read and enjoyed for each unique story they possess? It was an easy decision to make once I allowed myself to step back and ask myself this very question.

I am excited. I am inspired.

I am afloat.


Melissa Crowe said...

This show thing throws me for a loop, too--there's usually a deadline, which means there's a need to sort of speed ahead, but I also share your desire to let things develop in their own time. A real challenge, one which I can tell you have overcome quite nicely.

(I LOVE the cabbages.)

Di said...

I love that she loves cabbages so much! Your show sounds exciting!

tangled sky studio said...

i'm with you deadlines are exhilarating and exciting but can cause a bit of a creative block...or a great new idea which demands immediate attention which takes away from your time to meet the deadline. yeah, i get that. good luck!

sammi said...

thank you all for you thoughts...and yes, it is indeed a challenge physically and mentally!

Lovermore said...

Lorre and I went to Renegade in San Francisco a few years back. It was a pretty good show, lots of exhibitors. Perhaps you will make it out here one day!

Laura said...

Have confidence.

I have just spent an hour absorbed by your work and enchanted by the stories having stumbled across some pictures on Flickr.

Good luck with the show.

theCraftMobb said...

Wondeful work, thanks for the inspiration!