Saturday, January 16, 2010

a bit of the morning in a day in the life....

:: It's ten o'clock at night.

:: The kids are in bed, I am tired, and drinking too much coffee in an attempt to trick my body that what I just said isn't true.

:: I try to work and find myself distracted. (which shouldn't come as a surprise....all I have to do is see something "shiny" and my focus is gone) I pull out my old doodle diaries ,which I created to document a typical day with my (then) two little ones, and start giving it a read.

:: I forget my current work and start to draw. I decide to break up the day into pieces and illustrate each part of the day on a separate piece of paper. The above illustration was a typical morning from 5am - 8am.

:: I shouldn't be tired. I don't change diapers every 2 hours. I don't feed and rock to sleep. I don't clean up potty accidents (scratch that. They may be older boys now, but they still are boys.) I don't chop up all of their food. I don't clean up the floor after my baby throws all of his food off of the highchair. I don't keep stepping on cheerios and sweeping them up. I don't scoop out pieces of paper and rocks from their mouths. I don't run to the stairs when I realize they figured out how to move the boxes out of the way (still haven't gotten around to buying that baby gate).
I don't go to bed wondering what time they will get up in the night. I don't do any of that, and I am tired.

:: I should make new doodles. That way, when I look back at these drawings five years from now, I can react to those the same way I reacted to these today. Then I will understand why it is that I am now typing this post at 10:30pm and all I can think about is bed. The boys will be up at 6am and ready to play. They will want breakfast. They will need help finding their missing favourite sock. They will come to me to inform me when the other one has done something wrong. They will knock their milk off the table by accident. They will inform me that they no longer like sandwiches cut in half. They will no longer leave trails of cheerios on the floor, but rather hard little lego pieces that one only finds when painfully stepping on them in the middle of the night.

:: It's 11pm.

:: I am off to bed. Let's hope I got all of the legos picked up this time.

(note: I posted this print in the shop, and will sell them as a limited edition print. Every few days I will post the next chunk of day, in hopes that by the end their will be several prints that you can put together! My goodness, it's amazing how much I did before 10am!)


Thea Coughlin said...

I love these!

Rachel • cREaTe said...

I LOVE THIS! what a wonderful way to illustrate the hectic & make it totally endearing. SO SWEET!!!