Friday, January 15, 2010

Any fans out there?

:: I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed.... very solid (and I say that proudly)
1980's Atari computer skills are apparently not enough when deciding to open up a facebook account. I am sure what has taken me three hours to do, with frequent breaks to bang my head against the desk, should probably just be a quick "click and done" type situation.

I have been a bit reluctant and nervous to join the rest of you out there, but feel it is now time to come out from under the desk and just give it a go. With the fabric line coming out this Spring, and book soon to follow, I want to be connected with as many of you as I can. I have set up a mummysam facebook page, and invite any fans out there to join! The only problem is that I am not quite sure if I have done this correctly, so any suggestions will be openly received.
(does anyone know how to add this link to my blog? Oh how much I need to learn...)

...and please let me know about your pages...I would love to come and pop over for a visit :)


Elaine Shandra said...

Here is a link that will give you options to put a Facebook widget (add a gadget under customize) on your blog:

Victoria van der Laan said...

I already am your fan, I don't need Facebook to say it! But I'll be your fan there, too.

Pumpernickel Pickle said...

I'm a fan, too! A fan of your etsy shop, kitchen floors and now on facebook.

sammi said...

thanks everyone :)
I am enjoying the ability to get little sneak peaks into everyone that visits.

Maria said...

Oh, how I love your works!