Tuesday, September 29, 2009


it was the last project left to make for the book....I was almost there.


it just won't turn out right.

::drats. (if you listen carefully you can hear the crumpled paper fly into the rubbish bin)

let's start again....this time I know it will work.

::drats. (now you don't have to listen so hard. I believe I am crumpling the paper with a bit more vigor this time... it misses the rubbish bin.)

alright, take a deep breath and remember what your college professor said, "for every 5 bad paintings there is one great one". it's o.k. I am only at attempt number four....

::drats. (paper now "mysteriously" gets thrown against the wall.)

send the husband on a quick errand to get some coffee. I can do this. just give it one more try.....

(.....to be continued.....)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I guess it's back to the wheel thing again....

Back in my painting days (oh how long ago that seems sometimes!), I had a big tendency to give all of my subjects wheels instead of feet. There was always a nervousness about my paintings looking "too cute", and for some reason wheels helped keep the "oh so cute" at bay..(or maybe it was the arrows I always used to draw through their mouths? hmmmm) Regardless, the wheels now seem to be creeping back into my life again, but this time with a cuteness that is much welcome.

It's funny how my intention of using wheels this time completely contradicts the reason they were used in the first place. Is it because I have kids now? Who knows.....but what I can say with certainty is that this time there won't be any scary arrows popping up.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

and then comes the fabric......

Here's a sneak peek my friends at what has been filling my head (and time) as of late.....
With the book process coming to a small breather point, I was finally able to give fabric design a go. Within an hour of starting this new project, I quickly realized that my atari computer knowledge from the 80's was not going to help much with this endeav0r. A full week was easily spent trying desperately to teach myself some photoshop basics, and thus went four days before I finally figured out how to color a line. (...oh how wonderful it felt when that "aha!" moment finally came). Now that I have the ability (a very basic ability, mind you...) to quickly change around the colours a bit, the excitement is really starting to set in as I keep playing around with different combinations. (which also leads to some late nights of non-stop putsing around)
The nerves of tackling something new have subsided, leaving much of the self-doubt that has been looming about me finally behind. I can finally play around without worry, and am having so much fun seeing my drawings take on a completely different feel. Oh how wonderful it will be to be to see these printed on bolts of fabric!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

....the sunday scrabble champion

with ingenious words like "todgver" and "adtseen".....(and let me note that every letter was placed down with hysterical laughter)

big A quickly realized his (and mummy's) upcoming "defeat" was inevitable.....

apparently this one knew that "dieswie" would land him the 42 points needed to become scrabble champion....(milk mustache included)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

there's just something about being little....

Every so often I come across something that pleases me so much, that I want to just push everything else aside and dive in full force..(or is that just one of my symptomatic ADD tendencies?) Regardless, I must say that making these minature figures has got me hooked. I yearn to sit down for days at a time and just make as many small things as I can muster.....

what's your obsession as of late?

Friday, September 11, 2009

35 cabbages......

well, as of today I have officially joined the "35" club.....to celebrate I decided to have myself a sit at the table and draw some cabbages (35 of them as a matter of fact) and I have absolutely no idea why. After spending my two hours of kid free time doing this, it would naturally happen that I tip the ink jar right over the entire page (above cabbages were captured just before their demise). Feeling sorry for myself that 35 wasn't off to a good start, I heard a knock on the door and was greeted with this......

a perfect present sent in the mail from a perfect sister. How did she know I was drawing cabbages today? Now I don't have to worry about drawing another batch..I can just cook them :)
thanks sis!

P.S. congratulations Jenny!!!! Please send me an e-mail with your address, and your giveaway will be on it's way.....thank you so much everyone for all of your absolutely wonderful comments, and I got a lovely chance to meet some new bloggers :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thank you everyone!

thank you so much everyone for submitting a comment on the giveaway! (for those who haven't yet, you still have until midnight....)
It's been a very busy week in this household, and with another upcoming deadline for the book comes a few more really late nights of drawing and stitching. We have also sent our eldest to first grade, and having him gone all day has been quite an adjustment for me... (not to mention dealing with a very tired soul when he gets off the bus. He was fast asleep by 6pm without as much of a little peep until the following morning..."I have to do that everyday? " )

As much as the book has been filling up the majority of my time, I have managed to sneak away and experiment a little bit more with the embroidery hoops. I really enjoyed making this one last night, and can definitely see the yearnings for fall popping up in my work. How excited I am to start rising dough on my warm radiators again! I am really excited about this one, and plan on adding her to the shop later on...

See you back tomorrow to announce the winner!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I think it's about "giveaway" time, don't you think?

In the spirit of all the wonderful giveaways that have been going on lately, I feel the time is right to host one of my own. Yes I have been a slave to the book as of late, but I am slowly (did I say slowly?) getting back into the swing of things as I continue to work away......and with that comes the addition of some new hoop pieces. I am really having fun doing something completely different, and would love to share one of them as a giveaway!
I would love to know a bit more about all of you, so please send me a message. What has been your favourite post so far? Leave a comment, and if you wouldn't mind linking this announcement to your own posting I will count you for two! ( just leave me a note and a link....I would love to get a chance to find some more wonderful fellow bloggers out there)
I will close the comments next Monday night, and thanks again to everyone who has been following me on this journey so far.......I won't be a hermit for much longer. I promise.

I am giving you all some extra time to enter, as many of you were off relaxing over the holiday weekend. Giveaway ends Wednesday at midnight!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a day in the life of a four year old.....

oh my, did my little one just turn four?

....did he insist on going to the fair for the day to celebrate?

did he declare his bravery at wanting to ride the ferris wheel? ( "I am the bravest boy mummy. I won't get scared. i'll just say it is fine.")

did he "help" make his cake and squeal when I gave in and let him lick the bowl?

did his eyes pop wide open when we told him he was officially now four?


am I crying because my littlest one is now four?

It goes ever so fast.(little sis, snuggle those little sleeper wearing babies as much as you can....before you know it you will be pouring buckets of tears when you give away your last sleeper. trust me. That was a big "my baby no longer looks like a baby anymore" moment for me.) Four was such a big age with my eldest, and to see it happening with my "baby" is much harder than I anticipated. He's my little guy. My baby. I had the tendency to hold onto things longer with him because I knew from his older brother just how fast everything was going to happen.

And now you are four. Slow down! Let me still pick you up to carry you downstairs in the morning. Let me still give you kisses to make things better. Let me help you put your shoes on before going outside to play. Let me offer my leg to grasp onto when I drop you off at school. Let me do all those things as long as you will let me, because I know. I know that soon you will want to tie those shoes by yourself. Soon you will let go of my leg and go running with excitement to catch the bus. Soon you will be just that much older.

Can we just hold onto four a bit longer this time?

happy, happy birthday little M.
love, mum