Wednesday, June 17, 2009

be back in a bit....

the lacrosse sticks are out, and we are ready.........

......ready for summer to officially begin. With only a few days left until the end of school, we have traded our collection of lovely plastic with some much "cooler" older kid toys. (which in turn made for one very happy mummy to finally leave the plastic stage behind)
To celebrate the start of what looks to be a great season, I have decided to take a wee break from my blog world to enjoy some good time with my boys. (I have a feeling the majority of that time will be spent searching for many a ball in our overgrown forest of hostas).

( Oh, and I musn't forget....little M was wanting to show you the super speedy ball his muscles can throw....and of course the very serious face that is needed to make it go even "speedier")

see you in two weeks!

Monday, June 15, 2009

blood sweat and milk....

What started out as a simple idea to "start" my night of work became a ruthless late night of frustration, tears, and many a naughty word out of my mouth. After four hours of trying to find happiness with a piece that just wasn't going anywhere, I held my breath and chopped away three hours of hard work and started again. (the background was a hand-stitched frenzy of trees, buildings, and cars..) Taking a step back and looking at it again (after a few stormed out walks of tears mind you), I simplified what was too busy and came up with the milk truck. The piece suddenly came together, and with a few extra stitches on Marge's dress to balance out the picture, I was happy.....finally. What initially started out as extreme upset over how much time had been spent on this piece, soon turned into a realization that I was actually productive all along. New ideas for future pieces were being generated, new techniques were explored, and a piece was created that would never have been if I hadn't gone that extra mile. In the end, it was all good. (but please let the next one go a bit more eyes need to dry up a bit.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I want to stop but I can't"

With the little one away at school this morning, big A and I decided to do one of our favourite things together : ink. We have only done this a few times so far, and he is already much more confident with the material than I am. Dipping, drawing, wiping..... his little hand makes the most amazing pictures. I found myself looking over at him and being envious of how at ease he was, with no worries about how the next line was going to turn out. At one point he looked up at me and said (with extreme frustration in his face), "mum....I want to stop, but I just can't". He then looked down and kept working until we had to tear ourselves away and run outside for the bus.

he's my little artist, and I just love having that connection with him.
(yes, little are an artist too. It just happens that big A's preferred material is paper, whereas yours is the dining room wall, chairs, floor, can do ink next time)

Monday, June 8, 2009

it may not be traction man...

My son has immersed himself in the paper doll "action" figure traction man, and admittedly so have I. Cutting out the accessories reminds me so much of my childhood (although you need to replace the dainty shoes and hair bows with a sub-aqua helmet, battle bonnet, and a jet pack..), and I couldn't resist trying to make some of my own.
A quick sit down at the table to try it out turned into a long night of determination to get it done, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! (however I think the boys may disagree there a bit. After all, there are no rescue string packs and mission goggles to save the universe....just tea and cake).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tag! you're it!

Oh my dears, it has been a very busy week........with two big projects completed, I thought i'd "re-introduce" myself after being away for some time.

I was tagged by pilli pilli handmade to state 7 random things about myself.
here we go.....

1. I only take baths... The thought of a shower just makes me cringe

2. I love to read short stories, as my attention span has never allowed me to read anything from front to back. I can't tell you how lovely it feels to read chapter 7 first. I can bounce back and forth as I please, and I love it.

3. my biggest annoyance: walking through wet grass in sandals first thing in the morning. uck.

4. for some reason, I have the amazing ability to clean the house yet still leave empty (or partially empty) tea mugs scattered about the house. The table will get wiped. I see the tea mug. I plan to pick up the tea mug. Next morning, the hubby points out the tea mug still sitting there (along with the two on my desk, the one next to the bathroom sink.....)

5. I love looking at the back of my boys' necks....I could stare at them for hours...

6. I must walk with my big toes raised, as I wear holes through my socks and shoes in record time.

7. My idea of being "organized" is to take a basket full of "who knows where to put these" toy pieces, cover them up with some paper, pile a bunch of socks on top, and take pride in the fact that I just created a brand new sock drawer.

so, there you have it.....some bit and pieces of my life that I am sure will all make your lives now much more complete :)

happy weekend !