Sunday, May 31, 2009

mummy, I want to go home now......

how to admit defeat on a sunday afternoon......

:: run an obstacle course through the backyard ( run to the tree, around the pool, jump over the alligator head, sit on the tree stump and give your brother a high five. alternate and repeat )

:: compete in a world "sock" championship ( hurl balled up socks at mum as she sits with her legs forming the hoop....)

:: create a race course for your hot wheels with pits of "lava", "fire balls", "spiky thorns" and "poisonous snakes and beetles"

:: play at the children's museum for two hours

:: try to go from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor (floor being the lava.....apparently this component is necessary for any game to be "exciting")

:: go to the park and run up and down the steps until you suddenly tire out and decide it's all over.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

meet molly

:: meet molly. Oh how patient she stands there waiting for that
pesky little worm to poke his head up.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

time to take it outside...

:: bird stuffing

:: bird sewing

:: bird posing

I can't begin to express how excited I am for this summer that is approaching ever so fast. With a week of good weather we were able to practice our summer skills by moving everything outside for the day. The swings were wiped down, the sandbox prepared with new sand, and the mini pool filled with water in anticipation of a full day of activity. As I sat on the rug enjoying some sewing time, the boys rushed over desperate to get "in on the action", and thus the bird project was born. We must have spent a good hour stuffing, gluing, and sewing, and the calmness that accompanied our time on the rug just felt so good. I am ready for this next stage where I am able to just sit back a bit more and observe...there is a relaxation that is starting to come back as the boys get that much older, and I am really enjoying it.
After "posing" the birds just right, the boys re-fueled with popsicles and were off again until it was time to baby-wipe feet layered with sand, mud, grass, and sticky popsicle juice before heading in for the night. Summer, we are ready.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it was about time.....

If you know me at all, then you will have certainly been introduced to my amazing "inability" to keep focused on any one thing for very long before seeing something "shiny" and moving on to something else. Although this may lead to rooms 95% completed (could I be thinking of the room that is painted except for one remaining baseboard, or the kitchen with all the tiles put up except for one last one under the top cupboard? ), it has worked out well for me since embarking on this new medium almost a year ago. One week its all about dolls, then mini pictures, then animals, then quilts.......and now frames. I better get some more built before I move on to the next project (but maybe I should first finish painting the top of the dresser I started two weeks ago....and I actually thought i'd finish that in one go....)

Friday, May 22, 2009

mummysam flies to toronto

I am so excited to announce that mummysam plaques will soon be adorning the lovely walls of kolkid in Toronto. Lisa Miyasaki's shop is full of eye candy galore, and soon these little pieces will be joining some great company. I am so honoured to be a part of her shop, and if any of you find yourselves in the Toronto area please check out her lovely shop!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

and then came the rain.....

IMG_3373, originally uploaded by mummysam.

Oh my, what a week it has been! When you combine awful allergies with a mental block, things can get pretty emotional.....It can be so hard to step away when the desire to make things is still strong. Staring at a blank page, panicking when you make the mistake of looking at other people's work to the point of insecurity, and tossing away part sewn projects that just aren't going anywhere can be very maddening.
But how thankful I was to have a good spurt of energy last night...things started to come together, and the nerves of when ideas will happen again slowly drifted away. I better ride this wave while I can!

Friday, May 15, 2009

spring is but a glimpse of what is to come.....

It's 75 degrees as I sit wrapped around in a blanket trying to keep warm. Ridden with some sort of cold bug, I continue to rest in my chair and just enjoy being still ....then is dawns on me. I am actually "resting" in my chair. There are no little ones running dangerously close to the road. I do not have to grab a little one's hand before they throw a handful of sand or pile of rocks in the "wrong" direction. The stairs to the slide are no longer a danger of falling off of, and thus no mad dashes to the steps are needed as I catch a glimpse of someone climbing up.
Instead I find myself sipping on my tea and watching my boys play in the garden. Slugs are getting picked off the hosta leaves, buckets are getting filled with water, feet are getting wet, and two boys are completely absorbed in their own world. I am happy. They are happy. Then it hits me. I don't know what to do. Do I just continue to sit? This feels strange and foreign. I start twiddling my thumbs. Suddenly the words "can you come play with us?" saves me. I rush to the blanket where familiarity meets me again.

this is going to be a great summer ::

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

big things to come.....

I just wanted to thank all of my lovely readers out there who have made this past year an unbelievable one! Having picked up a needle and thread with no idea of what/how to sew, I had no idea the journey that was about to take place. Big plans are in the works for mummysam, and today I would like to express my gratitude for all of your support and encouragement by offering 20% off all purchases today and tomorrow. **** discount now closed******
Just simply enter "mummysam20" in "message to buyer", and I will refund the difference through paypal. Again, thank you so much....your enthusiasm has helped validate this new path, and I look forward to seeing you through this next chapter.

**** discount now closed. thank you so much everyone! ******

Monday, May 11, 2009

a "patient" mother's day morning in bed....

I would like to say that I woke up to the most beautiful peace and quiet, as the kids lay sound asleep in their beds and I just listening to the peaceful sounds of the morning breeze streaming through the bedroom windows......but unfortunately that's my friend's story, and since she reads this blog every now and then, I don't think I can play that one off.

Mine started with good promise, as big A ran into the room so anxious to show me what he had made at school. He was so proud of what he had done, and I became so emotional at his pure excitement to give it to me.....then came in his little brother. As shouts of "happy mother's day" bellowed from the boys to my left, little M quickly stormed in from the right, and matched their chants with one of his own.
"It's Not Mother's Day!!!! (said with screams and tears pouring down his little cheeks)..
it's Boy's Day!!!!! " (repeat this chorus for twenty more minutes) . Needless to say, there was no changing this boys mind, and after a "patient" hour of "resting" in my bed while the boys busied themselves preparing breakfast for mummy in bed, I was welcomed with a plate of crepes, one boy proud to give them to me, and the other peeking from behind the door with tears still making their way down his face. I jumped out of bed, wrapped my arms around big A, and managed to pull my distraught little one close to me and sneak in a quick kiss on the back of his soft neck before his little body stormed away.......a sudden moment in time that will stay with me for years to come, and make this mother's day the special one that is was.
(but next year could we try my friend's one?)

happy mother's day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

it's our "thing"....

:: it's what we do....just the two of us.

:: my old art school supplies come out of hiding
(along with some old treasures from grandma's art days)

:: and we just sit there and draw, draw,'s our "thing"..... and I love it.