Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a weekend of firsts and a second to breathe.....

A surprise weekend of "summer" weather brought out a number of amazing "firsts" :
1. the first game of t-ball (once he figures out the direction to run we're golden....)
2. the first "cruise" training wheel free (thank you to our 11 year old neighbour who taught him in a matter of minutes.....)
3. the first big splash (with an ever so cautious little brother keeping a safe distance)
4. the first pair of shoes for the demands of warmer weather

and now comes a second to breathe.......with the return of spring weather vastly approaching, we are going to take a moment to slow down a bit and relax. I too am going to take a bit of a breather as two big deadlines approach and time seems to be going by way too fast.....i'll see you in a week or so!

Friday, April 24, 2009

oh, thank goodness!

oh what a much needed afternoon this was! With plenty of supplies on hand, two brothers were able to set aside their recent frustrations with one another and enjoy an afternoon of peaceful bookmaking with their neighborhood friend. After a quick post-school trip to the coffee shop for three hot chocolates (with the works), we came back home and set out to make some new journals.

Two hours later, three boys were left proudly holding their new journals,
and mum was quite thankful (and rested mind you) to have some good harmony back in the house again :)

hmmmm.....maybe bookmaking should be a daily routine?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's shop update time!!!

it's time.........with umpteen cups of coffee to keep me awake after the wee ones have retired for the night, I am hoping to fill the shop with a selection of dolls, mini dolls, animals, framed pieces, and a couple of extra surprises here and there. (hmmm...just reading that bit back sounded a bit ambitious.......)
see you then!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

recipe for success

with spring break you need......

....recipe for a successful week:

1. play outside the entire day
2. have mummy sneak upstairs to "adjust" their bedroom clock so that 7pm can arrive an hour earlier for bedtime ("oh my, will you look at that. it's getting so late!" )
3. repeat

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a bit when I can

i'm afraid you will have to bear with me a bit this week.....when you combine spring break with beautiful 60 degree weather everyday, you will inevitably get two boys desperate to play outside until their eyes get bloodshot (which we have managed to accomplish three days so far) The boys are in heaven, and who can blame them? They get to run around with friends all day (long gone are the quite days with me and my five year old...it's now all about being around as many friends as he can find....) and when they finally give in to my millionth plea to come in, I completely crash on the couch just dumbfounded at where all this energy suddenly came from.
I am just going to have to take it one doll at a time :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

and with Easter comes.....

Mr. bunny was ever so kind to us this year....he managed to read big A's note to him on the front door about preferably hiding the eggs in the living room (and with that came an added plea to make them easy to find for his little brother, and much harder for him....he likes the challenge), and surprised us by placing little jelly bean trails that ultimately led to 12 little wooden gnomes.
After a day of re-hiding the gnomes (over and over and over and over and over and.......),going to church, eating some sweets, hiding the gnomes some more, savoring some good food and wine, and "sneaking" in some more sweets, it was time to get two sugar-filled tummies to bed.
did I mention hiding the gnomes?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pre-meditated play date

Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to witness the sight of three kindergarten schoolmates huddled together planning their next "meeting (aka playdate)". Phone numbers were exchanged and arrangements were made to get together the following morning at one of their houses.
That evening I received a call:
"apparently the boys have arranged a play-date at my house tomorrow at 9am.....so, can you make it?"
how can you say no, especially when you can just imagine all the work that was involved to get said plans in place (writing the numbers alone would be quite involved!). They were so proud of what they accomplished, and little did I know that this single event would lead to a daily ritual of calling each other on the phone. (which consists of dialing the number then standing their in silence not knowing what to say)
I will leave you now with a conversation between A and his friend Will that left me standing on the other side of the door trying to soak up every word,

Will: "um, is A there?"
(A picks up the phone and stands there in silence.....moments go by)
Mum(in whisper): say hello
A: hi
Will: why did you call me?
A: I don't know
Will: want to come over someday?
A: yes
Will: o.k. bye
A: bye

how awesome is that?.....

Monday, April 6, 2009

I couldn't resist!!!

I just couldn't resist.....how can you not make a bunny family?

meet the children.....

happy monday!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

meet mr. bunny

mr. bunny has to look his best just in case he gets caught hiding those eggs...(and besides, he starts so early....there is just too much of a nip in the air not to sport his favourite sweater!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's a way of life....

the setting: the local dentist
the actors: my mum and the local dentist

mr. dentist: "you know, you should really consider giving up smoking"
my mum: "but I don't smoke"
mr. dentist (with a hint of disbelief) "then what explains the yellow teeth?"
my devastated mum: "could it be tea?"
mr. dentist (with a smirk): "well, that would mean you would have to consume at least 8 cups a day"
my mum (very satisfied): "then it's definitely the tea!"

To a British family, tea can (and is) the solution to everything;
need to wake up in the morning? start of with a couple cups before having your coffee
need a mid-morning boost? go for another cup
tired from going on errands? run in the door and quickly put the kettle on
too hot to do any more gardening? again, run in and put the kettle on. (who says you can't enjoy a hot cup on a blistering summer day?)
tummy ache? tea
broken heart? tea
need to celebrate? tea
wisdom teeth just pulled out? tea (I still haven't forgotten this one. I remember questioning my mum when the after-care pamphlet said no hot liquids. My mum's simple answer was a quick, "but it's tea")
want a friend to come over? entice them over with a cup of tea

I could go on, but frankly I may never finish the list.....and besides, I just got the little one down for his nap so a celebratory cup of tea is in order!