Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh how happy they were....

The boys woke up just shy of seven "very" anxious to wake daddy up, knowing that they had only a mere 12 hours to spend with him before their little souls would be shuffled back to bed. No time was spared as one open eye-lid from dad gave big A the green light to just start telling him as many things as he can think of, while at the same time managing to "carefully" toss his clothes on top of him and pull back the sheets (all in hopes of speeding up the waking up process). The day quickly turned into a trip to get new jammies (apparently the week of 40-50 degree balmy weather prompted big A's "need" for summer attire at night), a drive to our favourite coffee shop for bagels, a walk to the bookstore, a hide n' seek adventure, a few necessary meltdowns in between said activities, a game of cooties, a "jam" session (with more meltdowns), some good animal stories, more hide n' seek, and ulitmately two very exhausted boys content that they had succesfully used up all the bits of energy dad could possibly have to give to them that day.....well done boys.

(p.s....big A would like everyone to know that he is not "into" being photographed at the moment, hence the disproportionate amount of little M photos popping up in this blog......although I have a sneeking suspician if big A took a peek at my musings, he would immediately stress concern over the "uneveness" in how many photos each boy has displayed...)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I do wear them afterall.......

"mummy, why don't any of your dolls wear glasses? "

"that's a very good question, as there are many beautiful mums out their wearing glasses!" (a bit of an obvious plug about myself to the boys)

They are, after all, my identity....I have worn them for as long as I can remember, and I have even gone as far as choosing glasses that purposefully stand out. They make me who I much so that the boys get upset when they come into our room first thing in the morning and see them resting on the table. Little M always hands them to me right away, as if mummy doesn't exist unless she wears them.........."now you are mummy".

In honour of all those "four eye beauties" out there, meet bethen....and doesn't she look beautiful ?

Monday, March 23, 2009

something a bit more changeable....

After what seems like an eternity of testing out ideas that never panned out (oh how hard it is to accept defeat after working on something for hours....especially when you are working on precious "kid free" can't waste time!....), I am so happy to have one that finally turned out.

Meet Milly. She lives on Olive street and loves going out for her morning and mid-day walks.
When she's not looking lovely displayed in a frame on the wall, you can take her out for walks of your own and then simply bring her back to Olive St. when you are done!

I really love that you can change this art around, and even play with a bit too.
I will post her in the shop along with another changeable frame this afternoon.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

you can't do it all.......

The onset of warmer days has brought about a new surge of interest in spending as many hours outdoors as possible.....and with that comes a wee one's very strong disapproval of naps in utter fear that precious time will be lost racing his brother in the big wheels. Many a "suspicious" quiet moment will lull me into the family room to discover a very exhausted little soul fast asleep on his books....his little three year old body winning the battle against the "five" year old mindset that he can go all day just like his brother. After a good hour of rest he lifts up his carpet patterned cheeks, jumps to his feet, and runs back outside to play for yet another round of big wheel racing before the three year old body wins again....although this time he joins his tired 5 year old brother as they crash for 13 hours before yet another day outside...........oh how I love this time of year......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

they are in the shop!

they are in the shop! hurray!!!! thank you everyone ever so much for all of your wonderful encouragement with this new project i've been tinkering around with. I will definitely add brooches to the list.....until then, have a wonderul Thursday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

coming soon....

I got the sudden urge a couple of weeks ago to try putting my dolls "on the wall", and have come up with these little portrait pieces. I am having fun putting these groupings together, and am a bit worried that I may have started a new you may be seeing many more of these in the days to come! any thoughts?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

how much better could it be?

hint: they are British, they are delicious, and they go so well with a cuppa in the morning
answer: a quick and delicious batch of scones that somehow manage to disappear in seconds...

they have been a part of my life as long as I can remember, and nothing can beat the taste of a fresh hot scone smathered with delicious jam in the middle. They are a comfort food, and have an amazing ability to soothe any soul...they are there for you when you come home famished from school, help you wallow in your sorrow when a boyfriend dumps you, celebrate with you when you get a new one, rest perfectly alongside a cup of tea on a 9 month pregnant belly,
allow you to escape(even if it is just for a few moments) from one of those mornings where the kids just can't seem to get a long.....and now as I await another batch to come out of the oven I thought i'd share with you the recipe that has been there for me and will hopefully continue to do so for many more memory making batches to come:

2 cups flour
1/3 cup sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup raisins (or any other dried fruit)
1 stick butter, chopped up
2 eggs
1/4 cup orange juice
1 tsp vanilla

1. mix dry
2. add butter
3. add raisins
4. mix vanilla, beaten eggs and orange juice together in a separate bowl, then add
5. mix just until comes together (very important not to overmix, otherwise gets quite doughy)
6. form into a disc on baking pan (about 1"thick)
7. slice into triangles and brush top with milk

bake at 425 for roughly 20 minutes until golden brown!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

don't you look lovely today....

name: Ethel
home: Yorkshire
favourite hobbies: knitting, sewing, and doing the Sunday crossword
favourite snack: tea with toast and marmalade jam
today's plans: put on her new spring skirt and head over to a weekly luncheon with the ladies

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

welcome home tuesdays.... (and yes, the winner is.....)

many of you have asked about my home, and thanks to "selective" photography I have decided to take the next several Tuesdays to give you "bits and pieces" of my living space. (note the importance of "bits and pieces", as showing you the entire image would undoubtedly showcase my amazing ability to fail at any attempt of organization.....) I know this first entry reveals pretty much nothing, but please be patient as I let go and get more comfortable showing you the reality of what a house with two very active boys looks like on a day to day basis........
1. our "message center" in the original intention to have lists readily available on the wall has turned into the kids' space with their photos, art from school, and of course some lovely doodles. i love it.
2. the one piece I still own from my days as a mixed media artist....this is one of those very few pieces that I still love years later.
3. my beloved dresser with the wagon of boys and black apple print
4. a peek at my "can't live without" jars in my kitchen.....I have always loved the look of jars filled with flours, beans, and grains....there is such a tactile loveliness with jars that makes cooking and baking that much more wonderful....
5. our little collection of corks that are starting to pile up...
6. a peek at my mantle with one my my favourite little dolls and my mum's drawing in the background from her art school days...(sorry mum....I know how much you "love" me putting it there....)
so, there you have it....and hopefully I will step back a little further next week and show you something you can actually make out (after I dust and shove everything under the couches and beds)

***as far as the winner, congrats to Colleen !!!! I used to generate the winner, and soon Rachel will be on her way! thank you again to everyone for all of their fantastic comments and wonderful support ***

Thursday, March 5, 2009

now it's my turn for a giveaway......

As I approach 150 sales at Etsy, I wanted to extend my thank you to everyone who has been so kind and supportive as I embarked on this mummysam adventure. I can't tell you enough how encouraging you have all been, and as a big thank you I would like to give something to you. In true littleloveblue style, please leave me a post and a contact where I can find you.....and if you share this giveaway with others, i'll throw an extra vote in. (please send me the link so I can see all your wonderful sites! ) ****you have until Monday at 9pm to leave a post*****
again, thank you thank you everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh how I need help....

maybe a quick peek into my nightly routine will give you a better idea:
1. go to bed and sketch some ideas while the kids sleep quietly
2.turn light off
3.turn light back on to write down a reminder to pay mortgage
4.lights out
5. turn light back on to remember to call a friend
6.lights out
7. panic set in that I won't see the note I wrote
8. turn light back on and circle note with a marker
9. lights out
10. reach for glasses and put them on my sketch so that I don't forget my note in the morning
11. lights back on....decided I better fold my glasses over the paper so that I can't grab my glasses without picking up the note
12.lights out
13. it's after breakfast.....realize I had managed to put my glasses on and forget the note.....again.

I can't seem to shake it.....I seem to live in a world of organized chaos (although my husband would most likely dispute the "organized" part). Important numbers are often written down on the back of whatever I have handy. I know that my neighbour's number is on the back of an old phone bill (now where is that?), my password for amazon is on a scrap of yellow striped paper (I think I last saw that in a toy bucket), and a plethora of other "important" reminders lie silently amidst the house waiting to be discovered because I cannot remember the "safe" place that I put them in. Oh how I want to be organized, but I just don't think it's in my genetic givings.......and I realize now looking at this post that I have completely forgotten about calling my friend, and am now writing myself a note on my hand in hope that I remember before it gets wiped from memory in the bath.