Saturday, February 28, 2009

coffee with the ladies.....

I absolutely adore Thursday afternoons, as these are the moments I get to sit around a table with three wonderful ladies and just chat away. The kids are happily playing in the background(for the most part), the coffee is brewing, the tea steeping, and four ladies are taking a moment to be with each other. After our cups have been emptied twice over, we each pack up our tired out bundles and head home already thinking about where our conversations will turn next Thursday..........I can smell the coffee brewing already.....

Friday, February 27, 2009

a wonderful giveaway (that I hope to win.....)

my lovely friend at little love blue is having a little giveaway for one of her beautiful baby bunnies......I have already dusted off my spot on the mantle for this one (nudge nudge), but nonetheless thought I'd share this opportunity with the rest of you. There is a certain aesthetic of sweetness that is so captivating and beautiful in every piece of hers, and if any of you get a chance to win her, could I please just borrow it for a bit? (please?)

why, good morning to you both.....

welcome Liam and Max .......hope you enjoy your stay here at mummysam!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oh how I love you wednesday!

With daddy coming home after a week away, the boys and I found it fitting to do something extra special this morning. With two boys suggesting chocolate as a good way to go, we settled on some yummy "ooey gooey" constellation pancakes to start our day. The jar of dark chocolate chips were brought out and mummy was set to work following requests of a pegasus, bull, bear, and big dipper. (which I might add looked nothing like the constellations....I only had 4" pancakes to work with and some very big chips. I am sure the sight of oozing chocolate quickly outweighed any "innacuracies" in my chip arrangements) .

Two plates licked to a perfect sheen and two chocolate covered smiles later, I was able to pour my morning cup of tea and enjoy a few quiet moments before finishing off my own little dipper cake and licking away any remaining evidence...yum!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

you didn't know she was married?

just in case you thought Marge was a single she is with her longtime husband Ernest. Don't they look lovely as they ready themselves for Sunday supper?
I have just added them to the shop, and really love how this pair turned out!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's my "thing"

I must admit that I have become a bit "obsessed" with these miniature bust figures, and thanks to so much response from the first two posted in the shop, I felt an increasing urge to make a "bunch" more. Apparently when I said that to some of you I was completely oblivious to the fact that a week off of school with the boys also meant that the little brother would refuse to nap. Oh how I have forgotten how long those 12 hour days can be, and more amazing is how little time I could squeeze in to sew. To some extent I cannot complain, as they are completely passed out for the evening by 6:30pm but my body prefers calling it midnight. A glass (or two...)of wine later I find myself not much farther along in my work that I was the day previous. Oh well, at least a morning spent at the science museum awarded mummy some time this afternoon to finish up my anticipated "bunch", and here they are...all four of them :)
Look for them to start sprinkling into the shop today/tonight!
****thank you! three have gone...Collin is the last one standing****

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a british thing....

I just can't seem to shake it......little did I realize when I made this Simon doll over eight years ago that this little "british boy" would become crucial to my identity as an artist. Even after a good five year hiatus to have children I find him sneaking back into my life........apparently filling a studio with these sculptures and hanging paintings of him throughout the house aren't enough. He now composes a huge pile of felt cut-outs ready to be assembled into the perfect collection of proper english school boys....(he's even going to be a focus of a very exciting project goin underway right now!) I am thinking of sharing a couple of these dolls with everyone in my shop......afterall, one house isn't enough, right?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

me and my valentine(s)

It's amazing how full a week can get as two boys busy themselves getting ready for the big day.......
The flurries of snow were replaced by specs of glitter as many a card for all of their friends were being made (it's amazing how far those little bits can coffee cup, dad's work bag, my socks, our toothbrushes......I have a feeling these little reminders of Valentine's Day will keep popping their heads up for some days to come.....). After a full morning punching out watermelon hearts and putting together this snack for big A's class, we dropped little M off at school with his valentines and came back to finish off treat preparations before A went off to school with his bag of goodies. Two very sugar-filled parties later, we ended the day with two tired boys (add two sick tummies) and one mummy in amazement at just how busy this day had been. They boys had a fantastic time, and still managed to wake us up at the crack of dawn the next morning ready for the "real" valentines day to begin. begin?

happy valentine's day!!!

p.s. yes, the "cottage" update became quite un-cottagy....well, I am afraid Valentine's Day became much more busy than I had expected (partly self-induced) and a oh-so-lovely migraine last night hindered my plans a wee bit...I hope to cottage it up a bit for you in the days to come.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's time for an update!

it's definitely time for another mummysam update.....this time I have been hit with the "cottage" bug, and will be filling the shop with an assortment of cozy little cottages and little accessories. I am afraid I have to retreat a bit after the update due to a couple of very exciting projects in the works (oh how hard it is to be hush hush!) and hope this update will leave you with some special treasures...

p.s. If anyone has any ideas for what they would like to see in the update ( keeping in the little english village feel) I would love to hear them, and hopefully make some for this Saturday!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I just can't help it....

Oh beeswax, how you tempt me so!!! Sometimes it can be so hard to resist the urge to just slather on some hot wax, and when I do I am instantly brought back to my days as a is just sometimes necessary to dabble with my old friend every once in a while, and this is what happens when I do. I really like how she turned out, and found it very interesting to combine an old love with the new..............

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"1, 2, 3.......come up here now mummy"

As big A busies himself with afternoon Kindergarten, little M has decided to fill his time with attempt after attempt at leaving his still necessary nap behind. What once was a quick kiss on the cheek and a roll over goodnight has become a daily routine of new ideas to try to sway mummy's stance on naptime. Yesterday I was treated to a stairwell of pajamas that he had managed to hurl over the gate and down the stairs (the second child gets the gate at the door....I am too tired the second time around to keep walking him back to the room....) I couldn't help but feel for the little guy when I found this clutter of defiance littering the steps, and yet the deep silence that followed for a good hour and a half was the reassurance I needed to know that he still needed those z's... (which is good, because I am not quite ready to give up my "sit down for a cup of tea completely alone" time yet.......)
I will leave you now with the sweet sounds of my little one in the background as I finish up this entry and get ready to sit down for that cup of tea.......

"I am shouting because I love you...."
"mummy, are you o.k. down there?"
"i'm scared....there's something up here"
"i'm hungry"
"I need to go potty"
"I feel sick"
"I napped already"
"Why aren't you talking?"
"I need you"
"I need a story"
"your bed is so soft...I need your bed"
"I'm going to count to one...."


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a cottage here, a cottage there....

I had the wonderful opportunity to revisit my good old friend, Mr. Cottage today.
The custom order quickly turned into a need to make more, and before I know it I had made three little cottages. I have posted the other two (including this one) in my shop, and can't wait to hear what you think!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, Canada....

the setting: the ice rink
the cast: hockey players (dad included), two little Canadians, and one mum.
props: hockey sticks, a puck, two bags of popcorn, two smoothies, and a camera

Every once in a while there comes a time where I find myself yearning for the days we had in Canada before our move to New York. Stepping inside the arena with the boys to watch dad play his Sunday night game stirred up more emotion than I could have thought possible. It was the first time I have stepped foot in one since our move, and as I walked past the Canadian Flag and up to the bleachers I couldn't help but get all welled up. I was instantly taken back to the cold winters where big A and I would take our daily walk down to the neighborhood ice rink just to watch Mr. Zamboni do his rounds on the ice. After putting our loonie into the machine to get our hot cocoa, we would just sit for a good hour watching him drive round and round and round.....hearing the sounds of slapping sticks in the outside rink from the neighborhood kids created such a wonderful atmosphere that I have yet to find something equally as magical. It was wonderful, and seeing the joy in little M and big A's faces as daddy did his own loops round and round the rink reminded me how that used to feel. As I drove home listening to their pure joy after receiving the "actual" puck from daddy's game, I realized that I could have some of that feeling back's called Sunday night.