Friday, January 30, 2009

today's the day the teddy bears have their........

An elated A got off the school bus the other day with his long awaited "helper bag". With a note from the teacher asking to write our adventures down in the class journal, we quickly got to work trying to come up with a new adventure for big bear and little bear. Fifteen minutes later, we were all padded up in our snow pants, loaded up our wagon, and ready for our journey to the woods to collect some sticks. We must have spent a good hour sifting through countless sticks to get the "perfect" ones for each bear respectfully, and when our wagon was full and fingers were cold (o.k, more like mummy's hands....they were having no problem...) we headed back home.
Once inside the warmth, the boys and I gathered all the sticks and began building them some new stick was such a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, and left us all feeling so good. These are the kind of adventures that make winter so much fun, and nothing beats warming some toes by the fire after you are done!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i'm back!!! (pun definitely intended.....)

Oh, it feels so good to be back.....the journey was a bit harder than I anticipated, and with my back now allowing about 20 minutes of sit-down work at a time, I am trying to come up with some quick little numbers that can satisfy the need to create something. I started making some little busts, and am currently working on their "backdrops" (a fun little project I hope to share in the next couple of days).
Well, I best be off....the boys are desperate to go outside amidst a storm that plans on dumping a foot of snow on the ground by night's end...then's it's inside for some much needed oatmeal and hot chocolate by the fire.
cheers :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanks everyone....

Just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone for their wonderful thoughts. Unfortunately it's taking me a bit longer than I anticipated to recover (more so emotionally right now) than I had expected, and wanted to let everyone know that I will be back very soon..........all my best XXOO

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a little rest.....

I have had to take a wee bit of a break these past couple of days, as my body has been feeling sore and achy from an unfortunate accident with a school bus the other day. I have to admit I am still a bit shaken up from the whole ordeal, but more than anything I am just glad that the boys are perfectly fine. We were venturing out for a little trip to the book store when my van got side-swiped by a school bus that failed to stop at the stop sign. It managed to turn us 180 degrees and then drag us for some distance before we finally came to a stop. Fortunately the side front got the hit, and we were all safe....the boys were shaken up for a bit, but nothing a dear neighbour couldn't fix with a trip to her house for some hot cocoa and chocolates. It's just so amazing how quickly things can happen, and when it does you are completely taken aback by what just happened. I am just so grateful that everyone is o.k...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

tea and hob nobs....

had to make a mini version of my new favourite lady.......
here she is ready to greet her friend with some tea and hob nobs (although she looks like she's skimping it a bit on the cookies.......)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

meet marge

name: marge
residence: lincoln, england
hobbies: scrabble, crochet and Agatha Christie
favourite snack: tea with hob nobs
likes to wear: a nice dress with floral print and a good pair of comfy shoes

Friday, January 16, 2009

it was just awesome.....

9 am: take little one to preschool with his bag of paper snowballs
930 -1030 : play "go fish" with big A, drink hot cocoa, and talk about "school stuff"
1130: pick happy little M up from school after big A gets on the bus and go home to play little M's version of "go fish"
130-230: little M naps while mummy gets to tinker about with her sewing (and nap a bit too)
230 Big A makes his own recipe to bake in oven (hmmm....a bucket of flour, lots of water, cranberries, baking soda, sugar sprinkles, salt, syrup......) while I make some pasta (thank you so much Leah for planting the seed....although nowhere near as yummy sounding as yours......)
330-430 boys play "go fish" while I sew a bit more
500 bath
530 yummy pasta ready to eat, with big A's "tasty" baking for desert (which they both devoured while I gave an unconvincing taste of approval)
630 more "go fish" with daddy
700 boys fast asleep

it was just one of those "awesome" days........

sew sew sew sew..............

I couldn't take it any longer.....I bought another trusty 20 year old kenmore as I still try to decide the worth in forking over oodles of money to fix my broken one. It's been a few days full of trial and error, but I think I am starting to figure it out. In the big picture it just feels so good to get back into some sewing again, and hopefully you find as much joy in this first creation that I had in making it! I will post her in the shop in just a bit, and look forward to starting those custom orders that have been so patiently waiting for me........

.....thanks for all your comments and e-mails about my last meant a lot

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So it is true what they say....

This past weekend the boys and I decided to do a bit of "fixing up" with their bedroom. As the five year old continues to remind me of his old age, we set about making the room more age appropriate for the oh so "grown-up" 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 year olds (the "1/2" being very important to include when you are half way to six) Upon completing a quick little mobile project with salt dough, paint, and a coat hanger, we went to work at replacing some old art work with the new. Filling a box with the "baby" stuff, I found myself taking a quick pause at where we have come. During times of frustration ,which I am sure many mums can relate to when raising kids, many a gentle voice of wisdom would rest me assured that it gets easier...."when your youngest is three" became a quote I would often tell myself when I found things to be a bit tricky....the juggle with two kids two years apart can present many challenges from the time the second one is born, with each stage having their own unique set of challenges.
As I left the room to take the box of old toys and clothes downstairs, I realized I had exited a room of peace.....they were playing together, having come up with their own set of rules that both boys seemed to completely understand. Ten minutes of lovely play quickly became twenty, then thirty, and before I knew it one hour had passed and I was still sitting on the couch downstairs sneaking in a cup of tea ( I had no intention of interrupting a good thing). Do they still quabble here and there? oh yes. Are there days where they just can't seem to click? yep. They are, afterall, two brothers with very opposite personalities. The difference now is that they can see the benefit of working through their frustrations in a way that would allow them to play. No longer does big A have to constantly worry about his little brother running into the room to destroy a scene he had so carefully set up in the middle of the room. No longer is the frustration there from big A when he tries so hard to explain to little M how to play a certain game and little M just can't quite follow.
After an unusually long time of quiet, I went upstairs to check in on them. I entered the room that they so proudly called their own "big boys" room and was immediately told, "leave mum, I am busy playing with my brother". Turning back around, I left their little world and went downstairs to make another cup of tea with the sounds of utter happiness in the background.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a little schoolboy to add to the mix.....

I managed to get a bit of hand sewing and crochet in last night to finish up this
school boy I had started before the whole sewing machine fiasco.......

I have just posted him in the shop....hope you like him!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

mummysam prints make their way....

As the sewing machine still awaits repair (fingers crossed any day now....), I find myself immersed in looking into the past at what I used to do before we had our boys. Making prints of paintings from that time in my life has been really fun and given me a new outlook on what work may eventually come from doing so. This was one of my all-time favourite paintings, and I am thrilled with how the print version turned out....I will post this little friend in the shop tonight :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

it doesn't get much better.......

If you are one of the very few to have heard my neverending professions of love for our wonderful clanky old radiators, then consider this your first of many future "gushes" over them. (my apologies....)
Our first cold night in the house a couple of years ago was met with such excitement as we turned on the heat and listened to the wonderful clanging music that rang through the radiators one by one as they began to warm up. I had the sudden urge to draw myself a warm bath for the sole purpose of placing my towel on the radiator and allowing it to get all toasty and warm for me when I got out.....needless to say baths quickly became a daily necessity, with the boys quick to jump in on the action.
Baking has also been stepped up a notch since we moved in, as I find something so aesthetically pleasing about placing my bowl of dough gently on the warmth to let it do it's thing.......the gentle hissing of the steam as the bowls rest on top brings a closer connection to the food, and thus I believe allows me to enjoy it that much more....
And who can argue with the advantages of radiators scattered about the house to dry up many a snow sodden sock, hat, mitten, or scarf? What's even better is getting to put them back on :)

As I wait for yet another batch of dough to rise, I thought it fitting to sit down for a few minutes and say thank you for bringing our family that something "extra" when it comes to providing many a wonderful memory for this growing family in this lovely old house.....clang away!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

when one can't sew....

With no sewing machine in sight anytime soon, I have had to dig into my past a bit and try to find some others way to do a bit of creating. I had made a piece similar to this one when little A was younger and really having a hard time with his Asthma. It was intended as an "I'm always thinking about you" from mother to son, with an added touch of A's own personal dinosaur drawing in the background. It was a way for me to document a time in his life that has honestly caused lots of worry and stress, but also became a therapeutic outlet for me as well. I decided to make another one, as fitting as it is for the past couple of weeks we have gone through, and am really pleased with how it turned out. I am going to hopefully take some time tonight to get a variation ready for a print purchase in the shop. what do you think?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

poor little guy.....

Not much creating wise can happen when your little guy is going through another one of his asthmatic episodes.....we have started the new year with a "fun"-filled week of medicines galore and a lot of back rubbing to help soothe his sore little body. All considering, he is handling it pretty well and hopefully we are through the worst of it. I thought I would take this little bit of time I had with my cup of coffee and two boys playing peacefully to post a quick note regarding the painting that many of you have inquired about. I used this mixed media piece as my self-portrait for the Japanese book mentioned in the previous post, and have tinkered around with it a bit to get a version into my shop. Look for more print updates as the week progresses since I am still without a sewing machine and don't anticipate it's return for a good week longer.........well, I best be off to play yet another round of Chutes and Ladders.......

Saturday, January 3, 2009

everything happens in three's.....or is it two's?

I have always been an avid believer in the saying, "everything happens in three's", and it is because of this conviction of mine that I was sure the inevitable "third" was just around the corner. First my camera breaks at a very unwelcome time, and that was soon followed with my trusty sewing machine that went kaput on me yesterday as I returned from my holiday hibernation to start sewing again. (argh!) After reluctantly handing over my mum's twenty year old machine to Mr. Fix-it (it's going to be two weeks before I get it back) I started to brace myself for number three. Little did I know that waiting for me in the mailbox was the copy of the Japanese book that I have been dying to see for a good part of the year. Although I don't understand a word of it, it was beautiful to see all the wonderful work in this book about doll designers from around the globe. (especially the one that calls herself "mummmysam" )

(sorry.....for some reason, I couln't rotate this one)

Thank you so much NuNu for doing such a spectacular job, and even more thanks for inviting me to be a part of it!

So, there you have it......maybe everything does come in threes, and either I just missed that third, or this book arrival was a big enough moment to offset that third?