Tuesday, December 1, 2009

you better watch out....

After a morning was spent baking trays of gingerbread, (well, more like an entire day really....I should just get myself another cookie tray. Instead I find myself complaining that I cannot fit many pieces onto a tray, and ten sessions later wonder why I didn't just pick one up after last year's grumblings...) we all rushed to the store excited and anxious to pick out the necessary candies for our soon-to-be architectural masterpieces. (big A had plans of six buildings with secret passageways. He actually drafted up a plan, only to realize that this one tray business of mum's wasn't going to help him reach his goal. One building it is. )

We had a good time, and my ansyness to get things going probably brought about the demise of my husband's house as well as my own. Please do not try to frost your sides together with slightly warm cookie pieces! Luckily the boys were spared this inevitable collapse, and were able to go about sneaking in candies here and there as they decorated their buildings.

It was such a great way to kick off our Christmas festivities, and good for big A that mum was there to catch little M trying to sneak in a bite of his brother's one building wonder.

Yes big A...I know there needed to be secret passageways.
I promise.
I will get another tray next year.


Natalie P. said...

Amazing architecture!

sammi said...

thanks natalie......coffee again soon?

thea said...

I love how the houses turned out. Thanks for the help with making our own!

You definitely picked all the best candies for it.