Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it must be something in the water (or hot chocolate)

:: it must be something in the water (or hot cocoa)........

.....the last (which was also the first) time my dad came to visit for the holidays, New York greeted him with a wonderful bout of bronchitis that shook him for much of the trip.

......this time we were blessed with a slip on the sidewalk that inevitably caused a compound fracture in his leg. He has unfortunately spent the last few days recovering in the hospital after having surgery and will hopefully be out of the hospital soon. The hospital currently prohibits children under 12 from visiting patients, and the boys are miserable that they cannot go and see him. We are ever so hopeful that he will be released tomorrow, and can't imagine how he must be feeling spending so much of his holiday laid up in bed. (the boys keep sending him phone images of their christmas lego kits in hopes of enticing him to heal faster.)

...Please excuse my ever-increasing absence, as I have a feeling we will all be trying to grab every second we can with him once he comes back from the hospital. There will be plenty of story reading to him in bed (preferably Lego catalogues) while he rests his leg before heading back home for more healing. (and might I add there has been plenty of preparation when it comes to telling two very bouncy little boys the importance of staying clear of his leg.........this shall be very interesting...)

....the next time he visits with my mum.....well, all I can say is that I won't be taking any chances.
He will be drinking bottled water the entire time :)


Cary Walker said...

oh, dear... hope he is recovered and home soon:(

tangled sky studio said...

oh my you do have your hands full there! i am so sorry to hear about your dad....i hope he is is in good spirits and that he will enjoy his brief time with the boys (and those oh-so-familiar lego catalogs). i wish you and all of your family a peaceful end to the old year and a bright and shiny new year.


Lori said...

Hey Sam. Sorry about your dad! Yikes. Hope it wasn't on your front walkway :( Hey, what was the photo program you were telling me about? I can't remember.

Happy New Year