Monday, November 9, 2009

time for Plan B.....

Plan A: Talk about the absolutely gorgeous day we had in the backyard, with some lovely
snapshots of the boys playing football with Dad.

This plan was not in agreement with little M, as I was quickly informed that mummy was to return to her audience post and stop taking pictures of the game.

After another failed attempt at sneaking in some shots, I was quickly guided to my post where I was instructed to resume my role as the cheering squad at once. (and not with a very happy tone, mind you.....) I guess I will just have to move to plan B.

Plan B: Drool over the yummy muffins little M and I made after my cheering duty was successfully completed....and oh, how good these were....

With a few healthier substitutions from this wonderful recipe (i.e., using whole wheat flour, honey, and part applesauce as substitutes) we managed to come up with some treats that not only smelled "oh my goodness" amazing as they baked, but also tasted just as good as they smelled.

This was also the perfect chance to put my first entry into this cookbook since receiving it as a gift from my sister. It is something I have done since the day my eldest son was born, and must say is one of the best routines I have ever stuck with. Making little notes about what your kids are up to when making a certain dish makes for an even sweeter return when making it again.
(it's the humorous entries that get to me the most......the other day brought about such laughter as I cooked up a soup with the accompanying, " 11/07: big A just learned about Santa and being nice vs. naughty. He went in a time-out today, and I overheard him saying to Santa, 'am I going to get coal now?' ")

and now for Plan C: Announce the winner of the Splurge giveaway!

....drumroll........congratulations Melissa of Checkout Girl!!!!! You are the winner of a beautiful set of earrings :) Contact splurge to exchange address information. Thanks to everyone for leaving such wonderful, wonderful comments. It's always feels good to brag about your friends a bit, don't you think?


Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, hooray!!! I'm so excited!

cathy gaubert said...

i love this idea of documenting the day you first make a recipe. awesome.

tangled sky studio said...

mmm...those look delicious! making notes is a great idea (much better than the food stains which grace the pages of most of my books!) happy monday!

sammi said...

thanks so much everyone!
(and just didn't notice all of the other pages, as some have become permanently stuck together with glops of food here and there....)

Thea said...

That is a great tradition-making notes next to the recipe-do you still do it for the ones you make over and over?

Congrats Melissa!